Kris Reviews K-Pop #25: My Thoughts on Iron and Kidoh

This is Why I Drink

Hey guys, it’s your girl, KrisSimsters and damn, 2016 has not been kind of Iron. He’s not an idol I respect…or even like, but at least his music was decent enough.

Then came the weed charges, but I can honestly understand why since weed is illegal in South Korea. I was willing to let it all go, until he released Roll. I mean, I was honestly going to let Rock Bottom go. The song sucked which is why I didn’t review it and I’m pretty sure he says, “What’s good all my Negroes,” but again, I was going to let it all go. But again, Roll came out and I just need to talk about why it’s obviously a rape song, regardless of what Kidoh says. If you haven’t listened to Roll yet and you want to listen to it, then click the video below.

Also, if you aren’t over the age of sixteen, do not listen to this song. This song is not for you:

I would normally say that this is my own opinion, but everybody seems to share my opinion today and I don’t think anybody really likes this song.

Let’s Smoke the Day Away

My Thoughts:

I was going to let this song go, but the lyrics to the song and Kidoh’s reaction are just…ugh. Rape and sexual assault has been a huge topic in South Korea within the last two years, if not sooner. With the whole Yoochun scandal–I don’t want to think about that–and the bullshit surrounding Japanese actor, Takahata Yuta, rape is a huge subject. It’s even bigger here in America with the Bill Cosby case and that one rapist who will not be named but came from my state, making a song that clearly means your going to rape a girl, and then defending the fact that this song isn’t a rape song is stupid.

The first line of the song is: I Heard You Say, “Boy, just rape me.” Like no. There isn’t two meanings to the word, rape. Rape is rape. The rest of the lyrics to this song isn’t better and I can’t understand why Kidoh is defending this.


So this must be what’s wrong with every male in Korea, they think of rape as 50 Shades of Grey. Rape is rape, rape is bad. 50 Shades of Grey is just as bad, but using it as an excuse is just as bad. There is some good in this, Kidoh gave a somewhat decent apology.

I will give Kidoh this, he took the time to apologize for not knowing the difference between rape and BDSM, but the song is out there now. The lyrics are translated and people hate Iron for putting this song out. They hate Kidoh for not properly checking his lyrics before releasing the song to the public. Even if the song is changed, even if they rewrote the song, there has been copies from people who brought Iron’s album and this song is right in there. Once a song is released, it’s there.

And we can all joke and say, “Stop smoking the weed,” but this is serious. I said I’ll give Kidoh credit for apologizing, but I honestly doubt it’s sincere. It’s a stupid reason honestly, as much as the word has been thrown around in 2016, as huge as the Yoochun scandal and the Lee Jin Wook scandal were, they knew what they were doing. If they change the song around, it’ll be because the fans would have protested enough that they’ll have to change it. But unless that moment comes, I doubt it’ll be something they do.

Until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.


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