Opinion Pieces: What I WANT From South Park: Season 20 (Special)

It’s Almost Time

Hey guys, it’s your girl, KrisSimsters and that’s time again. Time to talk about my favorite subject, South Park. Man, I need to talk about more South Park…I had planned on reviewing the new season, but my plans got changed and while I’ll still talk about the episodes and live-tweet them, reviewing them will be almost impossible.

And again, if I can’t review my other two shows, the I can’t review this one. Moving on, when the last season of South Park ended, I made a wish list of what I wanted to see from this upcoming season. Now that we’re less than a week away (or already in the new season, depending on when you see this), I read my list and rewrote on what I ABSOLUTELY WANT from the new season. So no more dabbling, lets talk about South Park shall we?

New Season, New Trouble, Same Town

What I Want From South Park: Season 20:

Before we move forward, lets recap the finale of season 19. In shortform, the whole town had become too PC. This lead to the whole town buying guns, Stan and Kyle arguing, and Creek still being shipped by the South Park fandom. Leslie had kidnapped Jimmy, seduced Kyle, and ads were basically running South Park. Randy, Principal Victoria, and Garrison (along with Caitlyn Jenner) try to stop things. After a stand-off in the entire town, PC Principal comes back and smashes Leslie’s head in and that scene is still awesome!!


Long story short, the episode ends with the Whole Foods uprooting itself from South Park and flying away and PC Principal staying, telling the students that they are at war with ads and have to stay as PC as possible. Now that we’ve recap the last episode, lets talk about what I personally want from the new season:

Time Skip

1). Time Skip:

I’ve been standing by this one for a long time, I know that I probably won’t get it, but I hope that this comes in the form in at least six months. I want the boys to be a little older, I want this war to be established and already moving. If we get something less than six months, I will be upset. Even RWBY‘s getting a six-eight months time jump, I want to South Park to be the same. I would be even more excited if the boys are in the fifth grade, that would be awesome.

Peace Among the Boys

2). Stan and Kyle Peace:

I can’t stand Style (StanxKyle) fans to be in anymore angst, it’s time for Stan and Kyle to come to an agreement. I personally doubt their friendship is going to be what it used to be…did you see that fight, but having them come to an agreement is probably for the best. Especially since we’re entering the PC war and again, it’s a war. You need more allies than enemies in the war.

I Miss Them

3). More of Garrison and Victoria:

I need the former Principal Victoria to follow Mr. Garrison during his election. I know Caitlyn Jenner will be with him as his running mate, but I want Victoria to help with the campaign. I don’t want her to be left to the sidelines like she was for the majority of season nineteen. I still find it weird that she’s no longer the principal at South Park, but I guess it’s the PC way.

Thank you David

4). More POC Characters:

This kid was part of a moment, a moment that involved more POC characters to be part of the show. I want to see more Kevin Stoley, I want to see more Token, I want to see more POC characters have their storylines. And I guess since we’re probably gong to get a “Black Lives Matter” episode, I want Token to really shine in that episode. Speaking of Token…

Team Craig Episode Please

5). Team Craig Episode!!:

There are times where I’m tired of hearing about just Team Stan, a Team Craig episode would be awesome. Especially now since Creek is a thing and I’m pretty sure Matt and Trey are continuing it now in season twenty. And I especially feel as though this is important because I remembered how after season 19 ended, some people  think that Token might be homophobic because of his reaction to Craig and Tweek, but I think if anything, he’s more shocked than homophobic.

No More Randy

6). Less Randy:

I am getting sick of seeing Randy as the focal point of each season and then fucks up by the end of the season. What do I have to do to make sure the kids get a chance to shine because as of now, the show’s 50% Randy, 25% Cartman, and 25% everything else. I know I’m not the only one, so I want to know what South Park fans have to do to convince Matt and Trey that Randy isn’t working for anybody anymore.

More Episodes or We’ll Shoot

8). More Episodes and More Background Characters:

This is more of a twofer, but only because I didn’t want to make another unnecessary point basically saying the same thing. With season twenty not that far away, it would nice to see more episodes and have more background characters having their own moments in the spotlight. Craig and Tweek were in the background until Tweek x Craig  came on and ascended them into the actual plot, now everybody talks about them. And seriously, we need more episodes. I want a full 20 episodes instead of just the usual ten. And yes, the reason it’s coming so early is because The Fractured But Whole is coming out in December and they basically want to hype the game up somewhere in the season.

Enter a caption

Final Thoughts:

I’m so excited for this new season, I’m ready for the milestone moments to happen. I’m stocked for season 20. And while I know that all my wishes will come true, I’ll be happy if I get at least one, it doesn’t hammer on the fact that new episodes of South Park are coming. This supposed PC war is happening…or has already started…by the time we tune into the season premiere this upcoming week. And I’m excited. And scared. But more excited. And on that note, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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