Kris Reviews K-Pop #26: DIA-Mr. Potter M/V

Sigh…I Don’t Want to Do This to Them

Hey guys, it’s your girl, KrisSimsters and I am not a DIA fan. Ever since their debut, I haven’t been a DIA song because their songs are too basic for me. I can stand basic and generic songs up to a point. I can stand pastel colors up to a point. This is my breaking point.

MBK Entertainment only surviving because their main group, T-Ara is making money in China after their scandal in 2012. Because Korea’s too stupid to fact check, they still don’t like T-Ara, but their fanbases in Korea and China are enough to keep them as one of the top K-Pop groups. But unfortunately, this isn’t about T-Ara, this is about their sister group, DIA.

DIA debuted in 2015 and earlier this year, one of their group members, Jung Chaeyeon–along with fellow member Cathy and another MBK trainee Kim Dani–went on a Korean variety known as Produce 101 and ended up as part of I.O.I (Cathy and Dani were not able to join the group). I.O.I is currently on a break (which they shouldn’t be on since their contract ends in January 2017), so Jung Chaeyeon made her way back to DIA and they release one of the worst K-Pop M/Vs from a girl group in 2016, Mr. Potter. If you want to check out the M/V for Mr. Potter, then click on the video below, this is my sole opinion and I want everybody to have their own opinion:

What is this concept

DIA-Mr. Potter M/V. Views: 14,224.

Dance & M/V:

Mr. Potter…is obviously supposed to be some kind of homage to the infamous Harry Potter series and if you don’t know what Harry Potter is, then you obviously have been living under a rock for the past few decades. Anyway, in order to avoid copyright, MBK decided to release something that barely related to Harry Potter. Yes, they had the wands, the girls were going on the “Hogwarts Express” and they were riding on “brooms” but other than that, it did not resemble Harry Potter at all. It was a lot of things, but it wasn’t Harry Potter.

2016-09-13 (18).png
I can’t get over this…

One of the things that bother me the most about this M/V was the broomsticks with handle-bars. Have you ever seen, The Worst Witch? It was a show…near me…aired on HBO Family from 1998-2001. Given that Harry Potter was still in book form ATM, I considered this the girl version of Harry Potter. While the show focused on magic, they also had some modernized technology–as modernized as the late 90s to the early 00s would be–but I didn’t ruin the show. Even in The Worst Witch, they knew how to handle a broom. It was still entertaining. This show does not do that.

While I know that MBK wanted to avoid a copyright war with J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros, who are very ferocious since it’s Harry Potter, I can understand the different route. But they didn’t have to go completely off course. I’m sure they could have had the colors–not the exact colors, but the likeness of the colors–the black cloaks, the wands and wizard hats, and brooms and could have done something with that. This M/V is just disappointing because MBK didn’t try.

And even though I don’t particularly like DIA, I wanted this M/V and song to be good. It felt like a mesh of other girl groups’ concepts; the rabbit man reminds me of the lion from Lion Heart/Peter Rabbit/and the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, when the girls are in red cloaks, it reminded me of Little Red Riding Hood/Oh my Girl’s Closer/ and the pile of mattresses reminded me of The Princess and the Pea. Even when their flying on “brooms” over the moon, it reminds me of E.T. and there was even a Spirit Board. But the thing I don’t like the most about this M/V, the thing that everybody is talking about and reason why they like it more than me:

The suspender dance. This was populated by Girl’s Day when they Expectation in 2013. Everybody loved this dance, so they were excited to see DIA do it and I honestly think, this is what everybody wanted to see. Just the suspender dance. If we got three minutes of just the suspender dance, nothing involving Harry Potter then I would have enjoyed what this M/V could have been. Not this jumbled mess of three concepts trying to be one cohesive thing. I just hate this M/V.

The Song:

I have nothing to say about the song. The song is generic and bland. They did manage to include some spells, such as Accio, Lumos, and Riddikulus, but only because they tried to make it part of the song.

Let’s End This

Final Thoughts:

When EXO released Light Saber before the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the only thing I honestly wanted as for the song to be good. I knew the M/V would be crap, but I at least wanted a good song and luckily, I got that. Light Saber isn’t my favorite EXO song, but it’s in my top ten for EXO. I cannot say the same thing about Mr. Potter. I wish that something like this could have went to another group, another group which would have done Harry Potter better than what DIA and MBK did. And I don’t blame DIA, I’m sure they are a nice group, but I do blame MBK. I blame MBK for not trying harder. I blame MBK for putting quanity over quality. As much as YG’s artists are tryhards, at least their M/Vs are unique and their songs are good. This is just bad; bad song, bad M/V, and even the green-screen is bad. Until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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