Kris Reviews K-Pop #27: Let’s Talk About MOBB

I Can No Longer Stall…Let’s Talk about MOBB

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and this is MOBB. MOBB is Mino from WINNER and Bobby from iKON. YG decided to put these two tryhards (even though I love Mino) together for YG’s yearly sub-unit. In 2014, Lee Hi paired up with Suhyun from AKMU. They released I’m Different (that featured Bobby) and it was OK. A few years prior to them, Lee Hi was paired up with 2NE1’s Park Bom and OMG…if you’ve been around K-Pop long enough, you know what came out of that. And if you know about YG long enough, then you obviously know about GDTOP, who were honestly the best sub-unit to come out of YG, even if Zutter sucked (come get me VIPs…Zutter sucked ass). Anyway, 2016 is the year of MinoxBobby and honestly…MOBB crashed and burned.

I purposely waited a week to review MOBB because I wanted to see if the views from their two M/Vs would climb into standard YG numbers, which would be at least be 5 million within the first week. While their separate songs, HOLUPBODY are doing well, these two songs are probably the lowest YG M/Vs in a while. And I honestly see why…both of these songs are bad. Just bad. So let’s talk about them, shall we?

The Lesser of the Two Evils

MOBB ft. Kush-Hit Me M/V. Views: 1,715,878

M/V & Dance:

This song (fortunately) doesn’t have a particular dance to it, whatever dance it has is mostly just Bobby and Mino randomly dancing. The M/V kinda has a plot to it, it’s just the story of what Bobby and Mino do when they aren’t in the YG dorms. The two boys want to have a good time on a weekend night, so they gather some friends, go to a club, and have a huge crowd surrounding them. The police don’t do anything, because Korean police are stupid in this M/V and basically, it’s just a fun night. The color-tones of the M/V isn’t bad and the beginning of the M/V was funny with Bobby and Mino getting agitated of being in the house and wanting to get out. And again, Mino is clearly G-Dragon’s son because the similarities are just here from that goofy shirt to that goofy smile. I just love Mino. And Bobby’s OK too.

The Song:

The song is full of EDM and is basic as hell. It’s not as basic as Mr. Potter, but it’s basic enough. The beat is nice, but the lyrics to the song are try hard. Bobby’s voice doesn’t make the chorus better though, he’s louder than normal and I’m not that much of a fan. Not to say that he isn’t bad, his rapping is decent enough while I loved Mino’s rapping. But even though I don’t like this song, it isn’t as bad as…

All About That Pink and Blue

MOBB-Full House M/V. Views: 1,679,946.

M/V & Dance:

Still going with the party theme, Full House is mostly about Mino and Bobby destroying the YG Dorms with the help of CL, who obviously has a double because she’s supposed to be in America right now, “promoting.” As I’ve stated in Hit Me, there’s no dance in particular I can judge, but again, the color tones are nice. I particularly love the pinks and blues I saw in the beginning. I don’t know why CL was there, she literally added nothing to the song. Just a small pat on the head. I can pet Mino on the head too, I’m his noona too you blonde–oh, I’m sorry about that. That just crept out. Lets just move on.

The Song:

OK, while I’ll give Hit Me of having the better M/V, Full House definitely has the better song. Both of them rapping was on point, the beat was nice, and I actually liked the song all together. Yes, it’s EDM, but it’s better EDM than what Hit Me tried to do. Basically, it’s not as tryhard, but still incredibly tryhard.

Let’s Party!!

Final Thoughts:

When I first heard about MOBB, the first thing I thought was that they were going to be the next GDTOP. But I soon realized that how wrong I was, this was the worst YG sub-unit in YG History. They were even worst than whatever Lee Hi and Bom was trying to prove by singing in English. While both groups are great separate, they don’t mesh when they are together. It’s like their both trying to outmatch the other, Bobby trying to prove he’s better than Mino and vice versa. Funny thing is, when they were both in Born Hater last year, they sounded amazing together.

And it makes me wonder, is it really Bobby’s voice? While Mino’s voice is nice and the flow is awesome, it’s Bobby that’s throwing me off. He’s not even this bad in iKON, so what gives? Maybe B.I. should have been added to the mix or maybe it should have been just Double B (B.I. and Bobby). Either of those options would have worked, especially since iKON fans are mostly B.I. and Bobby fans while the majority of WINNER’s fanbase are either Mino fans or Kang Seungyoon fans.

That’s all for me today, I kind of wanted to write something since I felt bad about my Rarity post being just two pictures of Rarity with a caption. I know I still have the BoJack Horseman post to finish and that’s coming out this weekend. So until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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