Nothing Else Matters when BTS Makes a Comeback

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and we are slowly heading into the Fall season, which means two things. 1). A whole lot of needless pumpkin spice products and 2). I need to give you guys my plans for the fall schedule. Now this is going to be from September-November, but I’m not going to be loading this up with a lot, mostly because I’m going to be focused on more personal things so I’m trying to limit my time blogging without leaving you guys in the dust. So without further ado, lets talk about what I’m can to do for you:

The Fall Schedule:


  • The Fall Playlist: I put this up first because it probably won’t be due until before or after Thanksgiving. And by after, I mean the Sunday after. Hopefully, I’ll get it done before Thanksgiving because I want to enjoy Thanksgiving. It will probably include BLACKPINK, BTS, GOT7, and anybody else who decides to come back between now and then.
  • Top Tens: Halloween: I’ll be putting up a Halloween collection on Halloween featuring probably a lot of VIXX. I will keep as much variety as I can with this list, but with Halloween coming in October, I wanted to do something kinda special to celebrate the holiday. And before anybody else asks, I have no plans on doing a Christmas list because K-Pop Christmas songs suck IMO.
  • Top Tens: Naughty K-Pop: I’ve always wanted to do a naughty K-Pop list and after seeing BODY, I definitely have motivation. This list will include a lot of Jay Park (even though he’s not K-Pop) and probably some forbidden stuff. This will come out between September and October.
  • MAMA 2016: I don’t know when this might happen, because I don’t know when MAMA is, but what I want to do is probably recap MAMA and recapping MAMA means staying up late, which I definitely don’t want to do. MAMA is like 4-5 hours long and it’s usually in another part of the country, so if MAMA happens to be in L.A. this year, then I’ll love that. Especially since there’s some stuff going on between Korea and China…so until I know more about MAMA then this is definitely on the fence.

Western Animation:

  • Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated (Series Overview): I’ve been watching this lately and I’ve been wanting to talk about it for a while. While I do love the mysteries more of this incarnation than the original, there are some stuff I don’t like about it and I will address it when I start writing it. This won’t be due until late October-early November because I still need to finish the episodes and since it’s official that I’m writing about this, I need to go back and watch some season one episodes. I will say this: this show ruined the ShaggyxVelma ship I’ve had since I was nine.
  • Camp Camp: Season One Review: I love this show, it was my favorite thing to watch during Rooster Teeth’s Summer of Animation along with RWBY Chibi. Hopefully it’ll get a season two. This won’t be due until after my BoJack Horseman series overview (which is going to be out before this upcoming Thursday).
  • Top Tens: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season Six): I feel really bad that I won’t be able to do weekly recaps since my situation changed, but I am able to watch (or stream) the episodes, so I’m going to do a Top Tens list for season ten once the season ends. This is my huge, I’m sorry gift to my MLP fans.
  • Equestria Girls Movies’ Review: This might end up on my winter update list because of the new movie coming out in late October, but like MLP I love the Equestria Girls movies and I want to talk about them. This won’t be out until either late November-December because I do want to space some of this stuff out and I want to include the new EG movie in this lineup as well.
  • RWBY Recaps: This has a very medium to low chance of actually happening, but I might be able to pull it off because RWBY episodes are at least 12 episodes long. And I’ll probably get to see them at least a day earlier because I have an RT account (BTW: get an RT account). But if I do decide to do these recaps, I’ll probably just give you my thoughts on the episode instead of recapping the actual episode.

As usual, there is a possibility that some of this stuff will be either pushed back or deleted entirely, especially the Halloween stuff, but I hope to give you at least as much of this stuff as possible. So until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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