Opinion Pieces: South Park-Skank Hunt (20×02)

The Before…

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and today, I’m not exactly doing a recap, but I loved this episode of South Park so much that I can’t wait for it to be nominated for next year’s Emmy. It’s that good.

There are a lot of points that I wanted to touch upon and I couldn’t fit everything I thought about this episode into a small post, so here I am. And I think this is what I’m going to do, if an episode has enough significance, then I’ll talk about it, but if I leave the episode feeling the normal way, then I won’t talk about it. It’ll keep me from going insane and basically snapping on my friends. Now that’s out the way, lets talk about Skank Hunt, shall we?

And the After…

Opinion Pieces: South Park-Skank Hunt (20×02):


Before we go any further, I need to give a quick recap, don’t I? For those of you who have watched the episode, then just skip to the next section because this is basically just a small recap. And before I continue, if you haven’t started watching the newest season of South Park yet, then do not expect me to reveal who skankhunt42 is, because I will not be revealing their identity. I will not be spoiling that until at least the end of the season when I’ll talk about this season in full.

For those who haven’t seen the episode yet, then check it out here.

Moving on. The second episode of the season is basically between the girls vs. the boys, skankhunt42’s antics going too far, and Mr. Mackey trying to keep Scott Malkinson on social media after the death of Heidi Turner’s social media account. While I liked the Mr. Mackey and Scott Malkinson plot, especially since it’s basically talking about how to help somebody else not commit suicide (no matter if its social media or real life), this episode shining moments happened around skankhunt42 and how they have affected the boys and girls at South Park Elementary.

It goes to the point that–as I already stated–Heidi Turner commits social media suicide, but the boys (aside from Kenny) who thinks Cartman is skankhunt42, proceed to destroy all of his devices, which were “Two Christmases and a Birthday” worth of stuff. When they realize that skankhunt42 is not Cartman, they know that they’ve made a huge mistake and destroy a huge part of Cartman. Also, the girls–who have once again been attacked by skankhunt42 that same night–decide to take action by breaking up with their respective boyfriends (including Red and Kevin Stoley, which I’m not going to get into right now, but understand how frustrated I feel), leaving South Park Elementary in a school war.

Like I said, there’s a lot to talk about right now, so lets jump into the main one, skankhunt42.

A Glass of Wine Before we Troll

1). What is skankhunt42’s end goal?

We know why he’s trolling the town of South Park, but what is their end goal? What do they want more than recognition? We know why they’re doing this, they basically want to stir the pot, but what is their end goal? Yes, we are two episodes end, which is why I think I know what skankhunt42 is after and that’s world domination. They want to control the world, putting the two genders at war and what better way to start, then your small mountain town? Like I stated, this is only a theory, but given how South Park has been driving its fandom on theories for the past 2-3 seasons, it’s fun to speculate.

Let’s End This

2a). Why Didn’t the Boys Just Check Cartman’s Devices:

The one question I’ve seen on Tumblr ever since the airing of the episode is why didn’t the boys just check Cartman’s IP address to see whether or not he’s skankhunt42. I will give you a very clear reason why, it’s the same reason Wendy said when she was talking to the girls outside on the playground, “they needed to make a statement.” Yes, I feel bad about what happened to Cartman in the woods, but if there’s one thing South Park has taught me over the years, is that they never have an easy solution. Think back to Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. One of the messages of the movie is talking to your kids when they’ve done wrong. Sheila Broflovski started a war before talking to her son. So yes, they had to do it. Speaking of Cartman:

He’s so Scared

2b). The Boys Destroy Cartman:

I love Cartman, like a lot of people he’s the reason why you watched South Park back in 1998, before Randy there was Cartman. But even though I love Cartman, I also know that he deserves some kind of punishment for what he has down over the seasons, which includes killing a teenager’s parents’ and then having said teenager eat them in the form of chilli. But this was too brutal to watch because so far, he hasn’t done anything. And even without revealing skankhunt42’s true identity, I can safely say reasons on why it wouldn’t be Cartman to begin with, mainly because of one reason:

He Didn’t Brag About it.

Whenever Cartman does something, he usually brags about what he’s doing because he’s such an asshole. Whether it’s making fun of Kyle because he’s Jewish, making fun of Token because he’s black, or even committing a massive amount of crimes including kidnapping and robbing, he’s usually boasting about it once it’s over or while he’s doing it. Last season, he even called himself the Tom Brady of South Park.

I honestly feel like if he does anything after this episode, it would probably be justified by Cartman fans for many reasons, the main one being that the guys finally decide to invite Cartman to actually hang out with him–without him trying to force himself in or kidnap Butters–and it’s only because they want to destroy his stuff because of an assumption. And this brings me to my final point.

The Girls Have Had Enough

3). “You Get Blamed for the Group you Belong to, Even if You Didn’t Do Nothing.”:

I personally love this quote, it’s one of my favorite South Park quotes of the season so far, and I love that it’s Butters who says it. This quote has so many meanings, I kind of explained it on Tumblr, but I wanted to talk about it again because this implies to more than just the main boys, it also implies to those who are innocent. Because the other boys…are boys, they have to get punished for something a troll identified as a male is doing.

Innocent boys are getting broken up with by their girlfriends because the girls are no longer taking anymore bullshit and as a girl, I’m finally glad this is happening. This is something I wanted, but I didn’t put it on my list because I was unsure about it. I hope the girls stay in control the whole season. Yes, I’m sad that my crack ship was canon even though they broke up, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

2016-09-24-21Final Thoughts:

Despite everything that happened within this episode, this was a good episode nonetheless. I can see why people–like me–love it and why other people hate the fact that it wasn’t funny. This episode wasn’t supposed to be funny. Yes, you miss the one-shot adventures, I kinda do as well, but I also know that you can’t keep doing the same thing for 20 seasons–19 years–and expect it not to go stall. What I love about South Park is that they do try to do different things, while staying true to themselves. It’s not like The Simpsons (who kept their characters the same with not much development) and Family Guy (who doesn’t have any development and is begging to be cancelled), South Park stays fresh and this episode is proof. So until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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