Opinion Pieces: My Thoughts on Amazing Regular Time Ending

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Amazing Regular Time is Ending!!

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and as the month of September ends, so does three of my favorite shows on Cartoon Network. Since I’m mostly Cartoon Network originated at the moment, this is very sad news. In case you haven’t heard throughout the month of September, it was announced that Regular Show was ending after its eighth season, The Amazing World of Gumball was ending after its sixth season, and just as of the date of this article, Adventure Time was ending in 2018 after its ninth season. I’m still confused about Adventure Time, but seeing how long it takes for them to produce episodes, yeah I can see why it’s ending in 2018. So by the time Adventure Time has its series finale, Regular Show and Gumball will be already off the air, so let’s talk about this shall we?

It’s About the Kids

Why is Amazing Regular Time Ending:

Even though this is something I’m tired of hearing about, especially from certain YouTubers, it’s something I agree with. Ratings is what makes any show last, if you don’t get those ratings by watching the episode live within the day after it airs, then there’s a less likely chance your show will survive. An example I can give to this is As Told by Ginger.


The last Nickelodeon cartoon to air before the Dan Schneider era, As Told as Ginger got screwed over. The show originally ran from 2000-2006, but only it got taken off the air in 2004, the middle of the third season. Out of the final six episodes left in the series, only two of the episodes aired.

And no, the series finale wasn’t one of them. To the ATBG fanbase, it was honestly BS, but ratings weren’t high enough for it to properly end. And again, that sucked because while it was perfect for preteen and teenage girls, not enough in the demographic watched it.

BTW: I hear Ginger’s getting a revival, so the only thing I wish for is that it doesn’t suck.

Moving on though, another reason why these shows aren’t going past their respective seasons between the next two years is probably because of Cartoon Network’s scheduling. Even in the days of Codename: Kids Next Door and Dexter’s Laboratory, Cartoon Network’s schedule was puzzling.

Yes, put the most popular show on first when it comes to reruns, but nobody wants to see six hours of Teen Titans Go a day. And that’s on the East Coast alone. I can’t imagine how much it airs everywhere else in the United States. And with the abundance of Teen Titans Go that airs, everything else gets left behind. Let me break down an average weekday on Cartoon Network:

  • 6AM-7AM: The Amazing World of Gumball
  • 7AM-8AM: Clarence
  • 8AM-9AM: Teen Titans Go!
  • 9AM-10AM: Wabbit
  • 10AM-12PM: Random show. Sometimes it’s more Teen Titans Go! and sometimes, it’s two hours movies like any Tom and Jerry or Scooby Doo movie.
  • 12PM-1PM: Teen Titans Go!
  • 1PM-3PM: Random show. Again, it’s either a movie or a set of Steven Universe episodes revolving around a theme.
  • 3PM-3:30PM: Mighty Magiswords. This is new so I hope it does well.
  • 3:30 PM-4:30PM: Steven Universe themed episodes. If it doesn’t come on early in the afternoon, it would be on now.
  • 4:30 PM-5:30PM: The Amazing World of Gumball
  • 5:30PM-6PM: Clarence
  • 6PM-7PM: Teen Titans Go!
  • 7PM-8PM: We Bare Bears (I Need to Talk About this Show Soon)
  • 8PM-8:30PM: Regular Show (This new change started on 09/26)
  • 8:30PM-9PM: Steven Universe

So that’s six–of more–hours of Teen Titans Go, six hours of Steven Universe (not including the SU themed-episodes), four hours of The Amazing World of Gumball, and no mention of Regular Show–besides the new episodes–or Adventure Time. Two shows that surpasses Teen Titans Go in every way, yet it gets more attention. And it brings me to my final point; it’s the kids.

Kids love watching reboots, Teen Titans Go! is doing well (even though hardly anybody likes it) and the new Powerpuff Girls aren’t that far behind, but original content is what kids will most like remember in their teenager years and adulthood. The reason why older teens and young adults love shows such as Gravity FallsSteven Universe, and Adventure Time is because of their character dynamite and development, plot-driven episodes, and going there without going there. When South Park ends–and it will end–it’s not going to be forgotten. And even though The Simpsons is far from what it used to be, it won’t be forgotten either.

One Last Hurrah

Final Thoughts:

With Regular Show ending in 2017 and Gumball and Adventure Time not far behind, the last thing I wanted to say isn’t it doesn’t matter how long the show last, it’s the impact. I might have grown up during–probably–the greatest years of Western Animation, but the shows I remember are the shows that left a huge impact on me.

It’s what made me love shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, and The Amazing World of Gumball. It’s what made me start writing about animation. Just like if I hadn’t watched Sailor Moon and DBZ, then I would have never got into anime. So don’t be sad that a show is ending, be proud of the legacy it created. Until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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