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Looking at the Past

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and I needed this. I’ve been in a slump for a few days, I could hardly write and I honestly thought Ailee was coming back next week. I’m so glad Ailee came back, this was just what I needed to at least try to do something today, so I’m getting this review out. So lets talk about Ailee, shall we?


Kris Reviews K-Pop #27: Ailee ft. Yoonmirae-Home. Views: 42,933:

M/V & Dance:

I love this M/V, lets just get this out the way now. It’s visually stunning, Ailee looks great in it and I loved the fact that she’s–probably–saying goodbye to the old her. I like that she’s getting darker, as proven last year when she released Insane. I think the thing I love most about this M/V is the color-scheme. Since my favorite color’s red–and my birthstone is Ruby–I the use of darker reds and blacks. And the moment with the fire is just love.


I mean she’s just fucking me up with this scene. This is probably my favorite moment in the whole M/V, it’s that awesome.

There wasn’t much of it, but I know that there’s a dance in this M/V and I love it, especially when it’s just Ailee during Yoonmirae’s rap when she was on the floor. Speaking of on the floor, did you not see her gorgeous body dancing in the water. I mean I loved it. So yeah, I loved this M/V, but unfortunately, there are bad things to talk about..mainly in…


The Song:

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the song, but doesn’t it feel like Ailee struggled a little with the high-notes? I know what you’re going to say, “It’s Ailee,” “She’s the Korean Beyoncè,” “She doesn’t struggle,” but this is a problem that happens with every other comeback it seems. When she sung Insane, her voice was good, but when she did Mind Your Own Business, she struggled a little. It makes wonder if YMC is really giving her proper vocal training by this point. She’s been with them for four years now and as far as I know, she’s the only one who gives them some money besides Jessi and I.O.I (until 2017). But overall, I loved the song and I loved Yoonmirae’s rap. I want to see them perform this live during Ailee’s promotions. And honestly, it’s better than her and Truedy teaming up.


Final Thoughts:

Overall, I loved this song and it’s memorizing M/V. And yeah, I wish Ailee got those high-notes right, but it doesn’t mean I hate Ailee. I loved her since Heaven. And for those who wants to know why I haven’t reviewed either GOT7 or Monsta X, it’s because I’m waiting for BTS to come out so I can do a mega-review for those three. So until BTS comes out, then I’m not reviewing the other two.

Hopefully, it won’t be that much longer because I’ve been waiting for Wings since the first teaser with Rapmon speaking in fluent English. What I am going to try and work on though is my sexy K-Pop list. Still don’t know what the final song count will be, but it’s hard to narrow down and it’s even harder to narrow down all the Jay Park. Until next time, I’m KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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