Series Overview: BoJack Horseman

Back in the 90s

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and this is going to be my most thought-provoking reviews and if I had known about it sooner, then this would have made a great 50th post. For those who are wondering what number I’m on, it’s currently 62 with this post making 63.

Moving on, I was with my cousin earlier this month and we made a bet, if I didn’t like BoJack Horseman by episode six, then we would watch my favorite Korean horror movie, The Host. BTW, if you ever want to be scared for your life, then watch The Host because horrors made in Asia are still scary. Moving on, my cousin said that they would, then we would binge all three seasons, so I agreed. I fell in love with BoJack by episode two, so we binged the entire series in 15 hours and by the time we finished, just…yeah.

Watching BoJack Horseman in one setting and experiencing all of that at once is just wow. I was not OK by episode 35 (or 36 if you include the Christmas episode), but it feels like it’s one of those shows I have to talk about. And given a rumor (because it’s not confirmed unless I hear it from Word of God themselves) that there might not be a season four, it’s best to talk about it now rather than waiting. And seeing as it comes on right around my birthday in July, it must mean that I’m destined to write about this show, so without much more rambling, let’s talk about BoJack Horseman, shall we?

Also, since season three was recently aired on Netflix, I’m going to put in a spoiler warning since I will be talking about the events of season three. So if you haven’t seen season three then I suggest you watch it first unless you just want to read about it just for the hell of it.

Am I a Good Person?


BoJack Horseman first premiered on Netflix on August 22nd, 2014. The show was created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, making this his debut series. He’s also working on the script for the upcoming The Lego Movie sequel, which is set to premiere in 2019.

BoJack Horseman got approved for a second season less than a week after it’s first season had already aired, which premiered on July 17th, 2015 and was then renewed for a third season eleven days after it’s second premiered, which was recently released on July 22nd, 2016. The show is animated by Lisa Hanawalt, who has previously worked with Bob-Waksberg on webcomic, Tip Me Over, Pour Me Out.

The show’s cast stars Will Arnett as titular character, BoJack Horseman. Working alongside Arnett are Amy Sedaris, who plays BoJack’s agent/on-and-off again girlfriend, Princess Carolyn, Aaron Paul, who plays BoJack’s slumming roommate, Todd Chavez, Alison Brie, who plays Diane Nguyen, BoJack’s ghostwriter and is the wife of BoJack’s rival, Mr. Peanutbutter, who is played by Paul F. Tompkins. Each season contains 12 episodes with a Christmas Special that aired on December 19th, 2014.

Other recurring voice actors for BoJack Horseman includes Kristen Schaal, Keith Olberman, Lisa Kudrow, J.K. Simmons, John Krasinski, and character actress Margo Martindale.

I Wanna Be an Architect


Set in Los Angeles, California, BoJack Horseman revolves around titular character, BoJack Horseman who’s trying to relive his glory days 20 years after his previous show, Horsin’ Around gets cancelled after nine seasons.

Season one revolves around BoJack writing his memoirs with the help of his ghostwriter, Diane Nguyen, who is the girlfriend/wife of his frenemy, Mr. Peanutbutter, who got his rise to fame via a family sitcom similar to BoJack. His agent/on-and-off again girlfriend, Princess Carolyn tries finding ways back into Hollywood, eventually landing him the role he always wanted to play at the end of season one, Secretariat.

His roommate, Todd wanted to start his own rock opera, but BoJack–along with the help of character actress Margo Martindale–ruins his dream. Margo Martindale is also involved in a staged robbery–caused by BoJack–to stop Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter from marrying, but the plan is thwarted when Margo Martindale has a change of heart and because of what BoJack did to Todd previously, Todd forces BoJack to accept Diane marrying Mr. Peanutbutter, even after BoJack


Season two involves BoJack filming Secretariat, Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter getting used to married left, and Todd becoming closer to Mr. Peanutbutter, going into business together. Princess Carolyn kinda takes a backseat in season two, but she does have an in-office affair with Rutabaga Rabbitowitz, as the two conspire to leave Vigor for their own company. But when Rutabaga admits that he was having an affair with Princess Carolyn because she was old, she leaves him, taking the company for herself. Another one of my favorite story-lines involves Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter adjusting to married life.

Things take a turn for the worst in Hank After Dark, when Diane takes a stand against legendary Hollywoo actor, Hank Hippopotamus with allegations similar to Bill Cosby. When Diane doesn’t back down, not even when asked to by Mr. Peanutbutter, he thinks the best option to save her–and their marriage–is by sending her to Cordovia to follow Sebastian St. Clair. When she leaves Cordovia, instead of going home, she stays at BoJack’s house, putting a further strain on BoJack and his girlfriend, Wanda (played by Lisa Kudrow), who were already having problems before Diane arrived.

The biggest upset of the season happened in The Shot when BoJack and the director of Secretariat, Kelsey decide to shoot a controversial scene that involves Nixon not sending Secretariat to Vietnam, but it gets Kelsey fired and since BoJack’s obviously upset about what happened, he goes to New Mexico to visit his old friend, Charlotte, who was mentioned in The Telescope from season one and Still Broken from earlier in season two.

She allows him to stay in with her and her family for the next two months, but when he’s about to have sex with her teenage daughter, she tells him to fuck off and he returns to L.A, where he learns that because of his absence, Lenny Turtletaub–the director of Secretariat–replaced the real BoJack with a CGI version and he meets Ana Spanikopita, his publicist for Secretariat, who promises to win him an Oscar. Diane moves back home with Mr. Peanutbutter after freeloading off BoJack for two months and Todd is saved by BoJack after being kidnapped in an improv comedy group.


Season three involves mostly BoJack trying to win an Oscar with the help of Ana, Princess Carolyn–who is also in the midst of opening her new agency with the help of her new assistant named Judah–and Diane, who is now controls BoJack’s social media.

When he reveals the events of the season two finale to a reporter in Start Spreading the News, Ana makes sure his secret stays safe and in turn, tells BoJack that he must follow her every command in order for him to win. Once back in Hollywoo in BoJack Kills, BoJack discovers a drug named after him after he and Diane finds a whale stripper dead in the pool that belonged to his old friend/director, Cuddlywhiskers. This leads to BoJack and Diane searching for Cuddlywhiskers, where they find him in a remote area, where he seems to be happy.

While promoting Secretariat at the Pacific Ocean Film Festival, BoJack runs into Kelsey Jannings, but when he tries to write out an apology–because the episode is underwater and until the end of the episode, BoJack doesn’t speak underwater–it devolves because again, we’re underwater. But she does give him another chance in, Old Acquaintances, where BoJack has an opportunity to choose between Kelsey’s indie movie and a David Pincher film along with the Horsin’ Around reboot, but loses out on all of them–ruining his friendship with Kelsey–because Princess Carolyn botches the two movie deals by asking for too much (Kelsey) and karma bites her in the ass (David Pincher film). This leads to Princess Carolyn being fired by BoJack in the very next episode, Best Thing That’s Ever Happened.

In It’s You, BoJack has received an Oscar nomination for Secretariat, but because of a mistake between Mr. Peanubutter–who was chosen as the Oscar Nomination MC–and Todd, it’s revealed that BoJack was never nominated. This leads to a huge drug binge between BoJack and Sarah Lynn in That’s Too Much, Man, which leads to the death of Sarah Lynn, who dies because she overdoses on the drug known as BoJack.

The third season finale, That Went Well currently revolves our characters’ stories; BoJack gets another chance at the Horsin’ Around, but when the youngest child actress starts to idolize him as Sarah Lynn did, BoJack leaves the studio in the middle of taping, ready to kill himself when he sees horses running in a New Mexican reserve. Princess Carolyn starts a relationship with Stilton, whom she met in Love and/or Marriage and revamps Vigor, when she gets a call from a teenage girl who could (possibly) be BoJack’s daughter.

Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane, who have been in rocky ground all season because of Diane’s abortion and her relationship with BoJack, are currently on stable ground when Diane gets a job offer on a feminist blog that might have her write bad things about Mr. Peanutbutter, and because Mr. Peanutbutter saves the day, he’s offered the chance to run for governor of California. Todd sells his taxi company and receives 8 million dollars, only to lose it all in a tip and reveal to his ex-girlfriend Emily–she slept with BoJack in Love and/or Marriage–that he’s asexual.

So yeah, that’s the entire plot of BoJack Horseman and that honestly took too damn long to write out.


Memorable Episodes:

While BoJack Horseman is great as a whole series, there are some episodes that I particularly love and hopefully if you get into the series, you’ll love them too:

  • BoJack Hates the Troops (01×02): This is probably my now second favorite episode–it gets replaced by another episode I’ll get to in a few–but when I first saw this episode, I loved it. This was the episode that got me into the series.
  • The Telescope (01×08): Yeah, this episode gets you. One of the sadder episodes of BoJack, this episodes involves BoJack, Diane, and Todd–who stowed away–visiting BoJack’s old friend, Herb Kazzaz, the original creator of Horsin’ Around. Because of what happened between BoJack and Herb, things do not go well.
  • Downer Ending (01×11): The 11th episode before each season finale is always awesome and this one is included. While the other two pre-season finale episodes are absolutely amazing and jaw-dropping, this one does set the standard. Especially the finale exchange between BoJack and Diane.
  • Escape from L.A. (02×11): Another great pre-season finale episode, if I had to literally rank these episodes, this would be my third favorite. The topic of BoJack and Penny actually going to have sex is a heated discussion on Reddit. But the moment I loved the most is when Charlotte went into Mama Bear mode and told BoJack to get the fuck out of her house and if he comes near them again, she’s going to kill him. But none of these episodes compare too.
  • Fish Out of Water (03×04): This is my current favorite episode of the show. It’s so beautiful, having to rely on actions instead of words. Everything about this episode makes me want to watch it over and over again. It’s beautiful and an episode I wish the writers and animators would explore again in the upcoming season.


Final Thoughts:

BoJack Horseman is a show that’ll make you either laugh or cry or both. The art-style is different, but the things I love the most about the episodes is how awesome it is. I love how the story is continuous from the first episode to the next one, even things brought up in earlier episodes have a connection later on. I’m glad I discovered BoJack Horseman, it’s a show that makes you think and it personally helps me out when it comes to certain issues I have such as anxiety that sometimes leads to panic attacks. If there’s one show–other than Stranger Things–that I can recommend on Netflix, it’s BoJack Horseman. Until next time, I’m KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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