Kris Reviews K-Pop #28: Ultimate Boy Groups Comeback

2016-10-09-38Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and today is a special day. It’s the day I might have gone completely insane? Why am I possibly going insane? Because I’m reviewing not one, not two, but five K-Pop groups. Five K-Pop boy groups decided to drive me insane by coming back around the same time, and instead of putting them out separately like a normal person would do, I decided to do something fun and combine them all.

And you know what, this is definitely going to be fun. I’m not lying. Yeah, I’m never going to do this again after today, but it’ll be fun. Who am I reviewing, you might ask. Well, today I’m reviewing Infinite, GOT7, Monsta X, SHINee, and BTS. It was normally going to be four, but I didn’t want to leave Infinite out the loop, so I tacked them on. Enough talking, lets talk about these groups, shall we?


Infinite-The Eye.

M/V Debut: 09/18/2016.

Views: 7,504,308

M/V Thoughts:

So the best way I figured I could talk about these five M/Vs without driving myself off the cliff, I decided it was best to just talk about M/V as a whole instead doing what I would usually do for one of more M/Vs. First up is Infinite’s The Eye and I honestly enjoyed it. I’m not the hugest Infinite fan (shocker) but I will give them this, their M/Vs and albums always impress me. It’s a story M/V and I’m always a sucker for those and the actual story is good. The M/V is dark and the choreography is amazing. The one thing I especially loved about this M/V was the little random voice within the song and the beat itself. If you get the chance, then listen to the instrumental itself, it’s amazing.


GOT7-Hard Carry

M/V Debut: 09/26/2016.

Views: 11,420,800.

M/V Thoughts:

The next M/V up for the picking is GOT7’s Hard Carry and I have to be honest, I’m not this M/V’s biggest fan. I can easily make fun of it because I honestly believe that it’s trying to say “Hard Candy” but it took me at least three tries to really get into it. It’s not a bad M/V and the song is good, but it’s not as good as If You Do. That was GOT7’s best song ever and it managed to get them their first win ever. This is not a bad song, the dance is amazing and I liked the M/V overall as a reviewer, but as a fan…it’s just not for me.



M/V Debut: 10/03/2016


M/V Thoughts:

I loved this M/V once I sat down and actually watched it. I saw the live performances before I saw the actual M/V but OMG I love the Stranger Things titlecard, that is the best titlecard in K-Pop history. I think I fan-girled for like ten minutes lol. No but seriously, this is a good M/V. As usual, Monsta X is killing it with the dance and story, and have I mentioned how sexy Wonho is getting.

Yeah, I like that. I like that a lot, I need more of that. But seriously though, the beat is fantastic and I can’t wait for part three. It’s too late in the year for a part three…is there even a part three? If there’s a part three, it probably won’t be seen until 2017 given between the time it took us to get a part two.



M/V Debut: 10/04/2016


M/V Thoughts:

So yeah before I get any further into the actual M/V why is the view count short? This is SHINee we’re talking about. The same group who has given us great hits such as ReplaySherlock, FUCKING Lucifer!! This has been out for like five days, why is the view count so low? This doesn’t take away from the M/V because I love the M/V and the song, but it’s SHINee!! Anyway, lets just move on to the M/V for now because I don’t have time to rant. So SHINee’s back!!

I loved 1OF1. From the moment I saw the teasers, I knew I was going to feel like a 90s girl again and this song delivered. I don’t like the fact that SM couldn’t give SHINee money for an actual set in this boxed M/V, but I can also see why he didn’t once you get into the M/V. He wanted to show off all the color in the M/V and if that means all white, then we get all white. Honestly though, the beat in fantastic. I would say this is my favorite beat out of all five groups, but we haven’t gotten to BTS yet and as of writing this post, BTS just came back today. Lets just say this is one of my favorites. I could listen to the beginning over and over again.


BTS (Bangtan Boys)-Blood, Sweat, & Tears

M/V Debut:10/09/2016


M/V Thoughts:

OMFG BTS came back today and OMFG they were awesome. I am not lying when I say that out of all of these comebacks, BTS’ comeback was my favorite. Was it because they were planning it out longer? Possibly. Was it because the teasers were consistent with the actual M/V? Yes. Was it because of…basically everything. Yes.

This makes me want to wait for the live performances, the dance practices, even a dance M/V (please)? This is one of my favorite M/Vs so far, it’s so perfect. And Rapmon looks so sexy. He always looks cool when times to BTS’ comebacks, but this time he was cool and sexy. So sexy. And have you seen this dance?

They came out the gate swinging. I can’t wait for BTS  to promote this song, I hope they win and honestly after seeing this, it makes me kinda glad that BLACKPINK isn’t coming back until November. I feel bad for TWICE though…


Final Thoughts:

I’ll admit it, this was fun to do. It’s weird that BTS and SHINee’s M/Vs are stuck in the 2 millions, but I honestly blame YouTube. If I had to choose which one was my favorite, it would honestly be BTS while GOT7 is my least favorite, only because I didn’t exactly love it right away. As I stated before, I liked it but I didn’t love it. I’m going back to my Legend of Everfree and I’ll–hopefully–have that out by tomorrow. I say hopefully because my day’s going to be busy and I don’t know I’ll be back home tonight, another reason why I wanted to do this huge review. My Top Tens list for season six of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will be out by hopefully next Sunday because I have seen the finale early and I loved it and I don’t want to wait much longer to talk about it. So until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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