The Only Nice One I  Could Find

Hey guys, it’s girl KrisSimsters and it’s almost November, which means that it’s almost time for the good times such as Thanksgiving and for me–a marathon South Park’s Black Friday trilogy–but before we get there, we need to talk about something obviously important.

This is something I debated with, especially since I’m not the hugest fan of politics–ask my grandmother–but election season is almost over. Obama will be out of office soon and a new president will be office. Who that president will be is up to you. And I know your tired of hearing, “Get out and vote,” “You get to decide who’s in office,” and all that crap and guess what, so am I.

When I turned eighteen, my Mom and my Grandma just drilled it into me honestly, vote, vote, vote and I honestly didn’t care, but looking at who’s running this year…this needs to be said. It doesn’t matter if your tuning eighteen or not, you need to get out and vote. And if not for one of the presidential candidates, but also for things happening in your state. My state–for example–is also voting for its next mayor and I’m sure there are things in my district that needs to be addressed. So please, register to vote and then go out to vote. If you live in my state, you have two more days. I’m registered and I know who I’m voting for, which–for the purposes of not causing any arguments in my comment section–I am not going to tell you.

Go out and vote.

That’s all from me this week, I have something I need to handle so I might be off the site for a few days. I need to consider having more people on board and I’m going to do it now, if you want to be part of my blogging community and you have an interest in Western Animation and K-Pop, then let me know on Twitter. Until next time, I’m KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.


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