Kris Reviews K-Pop #29: Dalshabet-Fri. Sat. Sun.

Dance…it’s the weekend

Hey guys, it’s your girl, KrisSimsters and we’re back with another K-Pop review that I can’t get off my mind and that’s Dalshabet’s Fri. Sat. Sun. Honestly, I would have reviewed this sooner if I didn’t take the past week out. This song is amazing and while the M/V could honestly get rid of those damn white bars, I still enjoyed it. I didn’t see much of the day, but I did get a generous out of the meaning of the M/V and that’s enough for me to get into this review, so let’s talk about Fri. Sat. Sun. shall we?


Kris Reviews K-Pop #29: Dalshabet-Fri. Sat. Sun.

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Whatever dance portions I didn’t get within the M/V itself, I got from the live performances and dance practice and, I like it. The dance matches the beat drop perfectly and OMG, I can’t wait to gush over the beat. I like the overall M/V and the story behind it, you keep working day and night but when the weekend hits, you want to have fun and I like that.

It’s a fun M/V and the song compliments the M/V. The only problem I have with this M/V is again, the white bars. Writing this review is really difficult at the moment because of the harshness of the white bars. I know everybody wants to copy SM–because SM originated the white bars–but even SM knew when to go fullscreen and when to have the white bars within the M/V. And I also would have liked to see more of the colorful lighting during the dance breaks of the M/V. Those were cute.

The Song:

Like the M/V, I love the song. I especially love the beat, I mean really love the beat. When I first heard this song, I did not expect the beat drop and I loved it. The lyrics fit the song and honestly this is their best song. I didn’t hate Joker, but I didn’t love it that much.

The only other song I heard from them was Be Ambitious and that came out in 2013, I didn’t expect them to still be around sadly. I remember reviewing them on my old blog and if I still had it, I would link it…I’m sorry lol. It was really old and I was just starting out, so lets just say it wasn’t that great. But I do love this song and I want to hear more from them, so maybe I’ll hit up their discography soon.


Final Thoughts:

What can I say, I really love this song. This is the first girl group song I liked since Red Velvet came back. I was going to review MAMAMOO’s New York but I’m not feeling it. I might review Crayon Pop’s Doom Doom Chit, but I don’t want to review every song since I need stuff for my Fall playlist. I want to write my list out in early November, so whoever’s coming back needs to hurry because I know I’m not doing a playlist for December. I do not like K-Pop Christmas songs, I’m sorry. Park Bom and Lee Hi really ruined that for me. So until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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