Top Tens: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season Six)

Did you guys hear? We’re getting a season seven.

Hey guys, it’s your girl, KrisSimsters and I’m getting this list out like super early. So in order to make up for missing the last half of season six recaps, I decided that the only way to make things up to you guys is by doing a Top Tens list of this past season episodes.

And I’m getting this out early because I heard the words “early release” and I jumped on that bandwagon instantly. I would have done this Top Tens list even if my situation hadn’t changed, but because of recent events this is my way of apologizing. Things will go along much better in season seven if I decide to do these recaps because I don’t believe that this should have gotten a season seven. I saw the finale and the finale was awesome, it could have ended the series on a good note. But no, Hasbro needs more money so what can you do. Anyway, enough talking, let’s talk about season six!! Also because this is a Top Tens list:



Top Tens: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season Six):


10). The Times They Are a Changeling (06×17): This was a good episode and it would have been higher on the list if the song didn’t happen. I mean JFC, you can make a point without tacting in a song, it brings the episode down a lot…and it wasn’t even a good song. It was good at best, not great. And this is not the first episode this season this has happened in, which is my this is my #9 pick.


09). Flutter Brother (06×12): I am not going to lie, I’m still not a fan of Zephyr Breeze, but as I said for The Times They Are a Changeling, this was a good episode that got boggled down because of the unnecessary song at the end. I do like the message though and again, this is probably the only time I’m probably going to love Fluttershy. Her expression perfectly summed up how I felt about this season as a whole.

So yeah, this was a good episode, but again, the unnecessary song is the reason why it’s at #9.


08). Every Little Thing She Does (06×21): OK, yeah this was a good episode, but it was riddle with flaws that could have been solved by a simple conversation. I also felt like this was an unneeded friendship episode because the first half just showed us what Starlight Glimmer can do with her magic and the second half of the episode showed us the same thing the finale’s going to show us, that it’s not the bonding itself but the activity. And honestly the finale does it better.


07). The Cart Before the Ponies (06×15): Sigh. I’ve always found the CMC improving through the years, but the only thing they seem to have a problem with is communication. As seen in episodes such as Family  Appreciation Day and One Bad Apple, whenever a problem occurs within the CMC, instead of talking about it with an adult, they simply just let it go, hoping for the best. This episode is no exception and that’s sad, especially since their main problem is their sisters. It isn’t until their carts crash that we finally get the CMC speaking out against them. And they wasted a perfectly good plot!! They could have switched sisters, which is what I thought they were going to do or they could have stopped the demanding sooner. Either way would have worked better than what we got in the end.


06). No Second Prances (06×06): This is a good episode, but it does have its issues, but they mainly rely on Princess Twilight Sparkle. For the Princess of Friendship to not accept the friendship between Starlight Glimmer and Trixie–who has been forgiven since her last appearance in season three–says a lot. For the first time since Twilight has become an Alicorn, this is the first time that something she did disturbed me. And this was the same Princess who went back to her homeland to make amends to the old friends she had before going to Ponyville. So even though I’m happy Starlight Glimmer found a friend in Trixie, I still believe that this is Twilight’s worst moment.


05). Newbie Dash (06×07): I reviewed this episode pretty harsh the first time it came on and while I still have some resentment about the second-half of this episode (I mean the impressions were cringe-worthy and her plan is extremely dangerous), but I decided to look at the nickname in a non-Military way and yes, it works. But maybe Dash shouldn’t have reacted the way she did. While talking it out might not have worked in the military, it can work when it comes to clubs and organizations. But yeah, I still don’t like this moment:


That is still considered nightmare fuel to me.


04). Top Bolt (06×24): Yeah, this wasn’t a bad episode and I enjoyed the Twilight and Rainbow pairing. There were some cliches, such as one friend helping the other friend and two friends disagreeing on an obvious solution, but again, this was a good episode. I honestly believed that Anna Faris–the dog-walker from King of Queens–was voicing Vapor Trail and I was excited for a moment, until I looked it up and found out that it wasn’t Anna Faris, but Rhona Rees. I honestly love Vapor Trail’s voice, I want to see her again…with or without Sky Stinger.


03). To Where and Back Again (06×25-06×26): OMFG, I called this back in season five top tens, but I never thought about it actually coming true. While our reformed Brady Bunch didn’t take over Equestria, the remaining half of part one and all of part two was about them and I loved it. I do not want to get too into talking about this episode, I want to personally give it a recap when the time comes–which is basically after the season finale airs this week–but I will say this is one of MLP’s best finales. This felt like part two of A Canterlot Wedding. Also, this gets bonus points because no song.

Enter a caption

02). The Saddle Row Review (06×10): While I still have issues about the staff making Rarity’s journey about opening a third store too early, I loved this episode. And this was a hard pick, I had to choose between this episode and The Gift of the Maud Pie and once my #1 choice was aired, I knew Maud wasn’t making the list. I loved both episodes, but I didn’t want to do what I did last season for my top tens and put two episodes in one spot. I don’t want to break my rule twice. But yes, this was a good episode and I enjoyed the interview scenes. And this is still my favorite thing about the episode:

So many remixes, I’m still listening to them.

(Dis)Honorable Mentions:

  • The Gift of the Maud Pie (06×03): It’s sad this episode couldn’t make the list, I did love it, but my number one choice is really deserving of its spot.
  • Buckball Season (06×19): Another good episode, Fluttershy snapping on Rainbow and Applejack is what the CMC should have done in The Cart Before the Ponies.
  •  P.P.o.V (Pony Point of View) (06×22): This episode is the worst episode of the season and yet again, another episode that could have been solved with a simple conversation between Pinkie, Rarity, and Applejack.
  • Spice Up Your Life (06×13): This wasn’t a bad episode, I loved seeing Pinkie and Rarity together and the song It’s Gonna Work is one of my favorite songs of the season, but the song is the best thing about the episode. As the first food episode of MLP, I expected more. Rarity going backwards to season one instead of building characterization is what fails this episode and I’m a huge Rarity supporter. I dedicated a post to her.

And now for my #1 episode of the season…

dragon_lord_ember_laughing_s6e501). The Gauntlet of Fire (06×05): Yes to this episode, this is easily, hands down the best episode of the season. This is the Spike episode that works, not only does it goes deeper into Dragon History, but we get to meet new dragons and see girl dragons. While it would have been awesome to see Ember in the finale, I’m not upset that she wasn’t included. I hope to get to see her more in season seven. I want to see how her reign is going. But yes, Spike did this episode right and so did the staff. And I want to give Spike a special acknowledgement of having the best season. Even if he didn’t appear in every episode, the episodes he was included in were his best moments. He played the logical to the Mane Six’s–and Starlight’s–problems. He was the one who helped Starlight throughout most of her journey of redemption. This was honestly Spike’s season. I’m proud of him.

Goodbye for Now

Final Thoughts:

Despite some flaws that this season has had–especially when it comes to learning the same lessons again–this was a good season. While I didn’t mention the other CMC episodes, but I did love them. I can only pick ten. So until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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