My Thoughts on RWBY: Vol. 4, Ep. 1


Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and after waiting nine long months, RWBY‘s finally back on the Rooster Teeth site and if you don’t have a RT account by now, then you can still get one. You can even get a FIRST if you got money like that. I do not have money like that…at least not yet…so I can’t watch RWBY the day it comes out. Either way, my thoughts on the episodes will still be posted on Sunday because I love Sunday. Before we talk about the actual episode, lets talk about this year’s theme:

I love the theme song this year, just like I do every year. It’s not as badass as Time to Say Goodbye, but it’ll still awesome. The beginning is my favorite part of the theme, Casey Lee Williams’s vocals just excels. I love how much she’s improving with each volume. The song title, I’m still unsure of but I’m going to unofficially call it Lets Just Live until we get an actual title name. I hope I’m actually right for once. Enough rambling, lets break down this episode, shall we?

And yeah if you haven’t seen this episode yet, then spoilers ahead.


My Thoughts on RWBY Vol. 4, Ep. 1 (The Next Step):

o1). Team CEM at Salem’s:

So yeah…with no idea where Neo is and Roman dead, I have no idea what to call our baddie trio, so I’m going to give them the name of Team CEM. I know, I know…it sucks for now, but it’ll have to do until Neo comes back in the picture. In the first part of the episode, we are also introduced to new three villains, all of who are aligned with Salem’s affiliation like Cinder. Also, I have an idea of what their main goal is, retaining all the four maidens’ powers.

But for what though, that’s still uncertain. If their main goal is retaining the four maidens’ powers, the other three are men. Men can’t technically retain powers from the four maidens, this was revealed in season three by Qrow. Salem changes her mind and sends the three men on their missions; Watts is supposed to meet up with their contact in Mistral, Tyrian–who was supposed to go after the Spring Maiden–is now in charge of finding Ruby and bringing her to Salem, and Hazel is supposed to meet up with the leader of the White Fang, Sienna Khan–arranged by Adam Tartus–in hopes of him being loyal like Adam. As for Cinder herself, she’s to stay be Cinder’s side to help control her new powers.

While we’re still on Cinder, we do learn that Ozpin is dead, but I personally won’t believe that unless RT comes out and says, Ozpin is dead. We also learned that when Ruby hit Cinder with her silver eyes, she destroyed one of Cinder’s eyes. I had to rewatch that scene and it was the eye that’s always covered, so I couldn’t really tell. I hope we have flashbacks in the future to explain this. Ruby’s attack also made Cinder mute and I feel bad for her. For now, she has to rely on Emerald for translation, but even Emerald wonders if things are going too far. I still believe that she might bail halfway before the season is out, but don’t take my word on that because I might not be right.

Due to Tyrian’s craze laughter, we are introduced to another new character.

Because I want to move on, I will not dwell on much with this boy. He seems important, maybe he has the power to see into the future. We’ll definitely learn more about him while the season continues.

Lastly, yeah don’t make me believe I didn’t hear that nod to Divide, I was humming along. It’s still my favorite RWBY OST song.


02). Team RNJR (or JNRR):

In the Onym Forest, we see Ren and Nora arguing about whether they should be called Team RNJR or Team JNRR. I prefer RNJR because it sounds better than JNRR honestly. Nora’s argument for JNRR is because since Tean JNPR has more members than RWBY, she feels that Ruby’s R should be in the back. Technically, she has a point too, Jaune is still their leader…even if he is Jaune. Speaking of Jaune, he tells them to quiet down since they are on a mission (but he likes JNRR). And then we all cheer as we see Ruby still being Ruby.

(A/N: I was worried about this as much as everybody else, everything that happened at end of Vol. 3 hit Ruby hard, from seeing Penny, Pyrrha, and Roman (I mean she hated Roman but I don’t think she wanted to see the man die), blowing Neo into who’s knows, not giving Yang a helping hand (I don’t care if I haven’t seen Yang yet, I’m making these bad puns) and then the disbandment of Team RWBY, it’s to see her happy. I just hope she’s not hiding it).

Also, new Grimm!! This Grimm is known as a Geist and it looks like a Dementor from Harry Potter. It has the ability to control inanimate objects, especially those in nature like rocks and trees. Since Jaune doesn’t have his weapon, he’s the Strategist of this mission. Strategist or not, we still get some Jaune slapstick and I am OK with that. Jaune’s plan, hit it harder. This eliminates all of its limbs at once and leaves it’s only vulnerable area, it’s face. This plan works and we get to see a new move involving Ruby’s Semblance and Nora’s upgraded Magnhild.


Ruby gives the Geist the final blow with a shot to the head with Crescent Rose and the mission was a success. A villager from nearby thanks them and when Ruby asks if they want to come to Mistral, the villager politely declines, saying that their villagers won’t survive without its village.

Last stop before heading to Mistral, getting Jaune’s weapon upgrade. And yeah…it’s a sad moment.

With Jaune set, Team RNJR (JNRR) sets out for Haven Academy. As long as they have the map.


Final Thoughts:

I know what you’re saying, why not talk about Weiss in the main part, because Weiss part was so small that I know I can talk about her more in the next episode. I will say this, she looks absolutely beautiful and I hope her being around her father won’t take away that Ice Princess sass we love so much. Weiss and Ruby were looking at the same sun though so…Whiterose confirmed. I do believe if Jaune and crew are going to meet up with anybody else from RWBY, it’ll be Weiss first. Blake’s at sea–supposedly–and Yang is too far away at the moment. I loved this episode overall and it’s nice to have RWBY back. Until next time, my name is KrisSimsers and Stay Golden.

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