Kris Reviews K-Pop #30: Twice-TT

Queen Jihyo

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and it’s almost Halloween, so we’re going to get some K-Pop Halloween M/Vs. Before we go any further into this review, I just need to say: holiday K-Pop M/Vs are not my favorite things. While Christmas M/Vs are forever ruined because of Park Bom and Lee Hi, Halloween M/Vs aren’t just done right. When Twice debuted last year, they had a Halloween M/V and the only thing Halloween-y about it was zombies, but the zombies were dancing with them at the end. Kinda like 4Minute’s. And we get great scary M/Vs, but on different months of the year. If you want to do a dark M/V for Halloween, then take lessons from VIXX because VIXX kills it every time. I still love Hyde. No more ranting, let’s talk about TWICE shall we?


Kris Reviews K-Pop #30: Twice-TT. Views: 1,345,155 (stuck views). Likes: 193,633.

M/V & Dance:

I will give TWICE this though, the two little kids are adorable and TWICE are in costume so they got the basic point of Halloween down. The M/V story is weird though, they are singing about sadness and being grown to two little kids, but if you don’t believe that those two kids aren’t the luckiest kids in the world right now, then you’re in denial.

They got to see TWICE film their M/V, that would be awesome for any fan. The visuals of the M/V are amazing as usual and I better see those same costumes when they perform this on Halloween, which will be the 30th here in the US. I loved Nayeon’s devil costume, but she’s honestly too cute to be a devil. If anything, think she should have traded with Momo, who was Tinkerbell. Fairies can be blonde.

The dance is very cute, I loved it when they did the TT dance, it fit in with the chorus and probably one of the only parts of the song that I really enjoyed. Speaking of the song.


The Song:

The song and the M/V do not fit. I like the chorus, but it’s the only part that fits with the song. Like Ohh-Ahh and Cheer Up do fit their M/Vs, regardless of what I think of Like Ohh-Ahh M/V with the zombies. I honestly think of a better M/V that would fit this song. This is entirely too cute, this would have been better as a song to release in the Spring.

And that’s my main problem with this M/V. I’m not going to lie, I loved the “ShyShyShy” phase, it was cute. I still do “ShyShyShy” when I hear the song, but putting in another catchy slogan with the song–this time it’s “Nanananana”–usually doesn’t mean the song is going to be well-liked, but since this is K-Pop and Koreans love anything basic, they like this song. As an international fan, they could have done better. Either the song could have been scarier or the M/V itself could have been cuter. Together, the way it is…it doesn’t work.


Final Thoughts:

Why is this To be Continued? It just seems really odd for this M/V to be continued. I don’t want to know what’s behind the door, it’s an unneeded mystery. This song and M/V wasn’t bad, they just didn’t go together. Until next time, my name’s KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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