Kris Reviews K-Pop #33-The BASTARZ Experience

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Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and BLOCK B hasn’t been able to make a decent comeback as a whole since H.E.R. But when they are seperate, we get great songs. Zico’s been holding the fort down for a while as a soloist, but I need BLOCK B as a whole. But BASTARZ is good enough because it has PO and I love PO. So BASTARZ releases two songs, Selfish & Beautiful Girl and Make it Rain. Both M/Vs has their pros and both M/Vs has their cons and I’m ready to talk about both of them, so lets jump into it, shall we?


Kris Reviews K-Pop #33: The BASTARZ Experience:

BASTARZ: Selfish & Beautiful Girl:

M/V Views: 233,782. Likes: 18,454.

M/V Thoughts:

Wow is this M/V story is definitely different. While the actual M/V, which is a game–a game I hope is real enough to blast all other dance-based games out the water–everything outside the game is just…lets talk about this. So we have this girl, who is a Block B stan to the point that she blasts loud music, ignores the world around her, and annoys her neighbor. I can agree to an extent, I love K-Pop and I love listening to it while doing some of my usual stuff, but ignoring a national disaster, leaving your sink running, and basically trashing your own apartment…it’s not believable to me. Neither is that apartment, but we’re not going into that right now.

The song is actually amazing, better than the M/V that wasn’t part of the game. The girl is really throwing me off, even when she joins them in the last part of the M/V, it looked like she was too stiff. This song is incredible though. I’ve been getting into retro-sounding songs this year and this one is no exception. I love the beat, it’s really catchy, and PO did a great job writing this. He should write more songs if that’s the case. This songs suits just them nicely. It’s definitely a favorite.


BASTARZ: Make it Rain:

M/V Views: 90,762. Likes: 13,123

M/V Thoughts:

I don’t hate this M/V, but this is typical Bastarz fashion. This is what Zero for Conduct was, except I liked Zero for Conduct a lot more. The only complaint I have for this song and M/V is that it feels like it was made for Block B as a whole, not just these three. Yes, the song is good and the M/V is good, but I just see Zico and PO going back and forth with the raps and I can see Park Kyung, Taeil, and Jaehyo going in on the vocals. And I would have loved this as a Block B comeback instead of what we have been getting, even if Toy is what I wanted iKON’s WYD to be.

The M/V is not my favorite, it seemed as though too much was going on. It’s got distorted color and gray-scale and it’s like they really toned back after the Zero for Conduct controversy mixed in with elements of Come Back Home. Honestly, what does this M/V want to be, because as of now, I’m confused.


Final Thoughts:

I liked and hated this comeback so far. I mean honestly I liked the pre-release more. I hope Make it Rain inspires me during its live stages, but right now…I’m not feeling it as much as I’m feeling Selfish & Beautiful Girl. I think I got enough in me for one more M/V before I start-up my work week…kinda wish BLACKPINK was making their comeback tonight instead of tomorrow. Oh well, that review’s going to have to wait. So, until next time, my name’s KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

Also, I’m considering changing the name of the blog to Girl Geek…who’s up for that? Let me know in the comments.

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