My Thoughts on RWBY: Vol. 4, Ep. 2

I See Dead People

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and I’m back with my thoughts on the latest RWBY episode. In short, yeah a lot of sadness happened this week. We get more of the Schnee family, get introduced to Weiss’s little brother–who might be a robot–and we’re on a more somber journey with Team RNJR. Also, we haven’t heard from Blake and Yang yet and I’m getting anxious as a Bumbleby fan girl and a Yang fan. Bring back Yang so I can keep making bad puns. I need new material for one-handed Yang. Damn that was bad…Weiss bad. BRING BACK YANG!!

Lets just move on, shall we? If you haven’t seen the latest episode of RWBY and can’t wait for it to appear on YouTube, then get an RT account. You get to see them the day after FIRST members and if you have some money, then get a FIRST account. It’ll be the best thing, trust me. Especially since this will contain spoilers–spoilers you aren’t ready for. So lets talk about RWBY, shall we?


My Thoughts on RWBY: Vol. 4, Ep. 2 (Remembrance):

1). The Schee Family:

Last week on RWBY, I didn’t talk about Weiss as much as I should have and I feel bad for that. This episode harps in on my feelings when we’re introduced to Whitley Schnee and Papa Schnee, who’s mustache is great. Do you know who else’s mustache is great, Klein, the family butler. Is he Cake Butler? He seems like he can be Cake Butler. While I ponder that, lets talk about Papa Schnee. When we first saw Papa Schnee at the end of season three, didn’t he look…beefier than he does now? I mean look at the comparison:

I mean, his mustache is great…even better than Watts’, but I just wish they had kept at least some of his original build. But I guess this is also a good thing as well, because this reminds me a little of The Last Airbender when we met Firelord Ozai. When we finally got his reveal, he was a normal man, but knowing about him before that moment made us knew he was a man to be feared. And we did fear him…until Aang got rid of his powers. So for now, lets fear Papa Schnee.

We’re also introduced to Whitley and you can obviously tell that he’s the Golden Child of the family:

He’s the only one who’s happy!! Weiss and Winter took uncomfortable and even Winter–yes WINTER–looks flustered. This almost makes my Papa Schnee/Ozai comparison more sound because if he’s able to keep WINTER of all people in line, then imagine what he can do to Weiss. Speaking of Weiss, did any of you notice, her ponytail is still to the side:


Weiss’ ponytail is still to the side, but it is a little pushed back compared to Weiss in Vols. 1-3. But it’s nice to see that she’s still Weiss no matter where she is. I just need the baes back together. Lets move on to the second part of the episode because I’ve been talking about Weiss long enough.


2). The Somber Journey:

I expected that to happen and I didn’t expect it to happen at the same time. We start Team RNJR’s journey with Ruby still having nightmares about that night. She hears the conversation between Cinder and Pyrrha when Pyrrha asks Cinder, “Do you believe in destiny,” and I’m like:


If you’ve known me long enough. then you know that I’m a big baby and I haven’t really recovered from Pyrrha’s death. I mean, Arkos was finally canon, for like five minutes and then Pyrrha goes and dies!! And then we get to end of the episode and you see Pyrrha’s face on Jaune’s scroll and again, I’m like:


OK, enough of that gif. Team RNJR’s journey begins with the team visiting the latest town, a town Jaune used to visit with his seven sisters. This is the only other funny moment in the episode because things get sad. First off, the village is destroyed and the only survivor–a huntsmen–dies after giving Team RNJR the lowdown on what happened: there was a bandit attack and because everybody panicked, Grimm came and wiped everybody out. This brings out a reaction in Ren of all people:

And it’s a little sad because Ren usually doesn’t react or he reacts off-screen. This might bring a little mention of how he became an orphan and I know this series is usually 12 episodes long, but I hope we get further along this story-line before the season ends. And then we get to the last scene of the episode:

Jaune practicing his fighting style with Pyrrha on his scroll. Like Ruby, we watch Jaune and I can honestly say that Jaune has improved a lot since Vol. 1. This a bittersweet moment because while I’m happy with Jaune’s improvement, Pyrrha is still dead and the last thing she says just makes me really sad. And I’m sure, I’m not the only one. This was done well and I’m sure we’ll see other sad moments like this as the Volume progresses.


Final Thoughts:

Well guys, that’s all from me this week. I know next week’s will be a day late because I’m going to be working that Sunday, but I’ll try and have it out Sunday night anyway. BLACKPINK’s comeback is happening really soon and my review for that will be late too because of work. I don’t think I’ll be able to do my Halloween post because I am working on Halloween night, but I do want to talk about Courage: The Cowardly Dog more, so I guess it’ll be a November feature. This fits perfectly since the show started and ended in November. No more rambling, until next time, I’m KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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