Kris Reviews K-Pop #34: BLACKPINK-Playing with Fire & Stay

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Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and I finally get to talk about BLACKPINK!! I watched their M/Vs on the day they came out, but since I worked that next day, I’m taking my day off to talk about them and I don’t mind. I’m still waiting on BAP and MAMAMOO, so I hope they come back soon. So BLACKPINK released two M/Vs, Playing with Fire and Stay and whenever I hear Stay as a song name, I always think of this, am I the only one who does that? While you ponder that, lets talk about BLACKPINK and their two M/Vs, shall we?

Is That Bobby?

Kris Reviews K-Pop #34: BLACKPINK:

BLACKPINK-Playing with Fire

M/V Views: 7,551,487. Likes: 394,282

M/V & Dance:

Before I really start, I want to say that both of these M/Vs are really beautiful to look out. It blows Boombayah and Whistle out of the water, visually. Even their dance area is beautiful. And Jisoo, I see you with that standout red hair.


I love it on Jisoo but I would have loved to see it on Rosè since Roses are typically red. I still love Jisoo’s hair and I love Rosè’s hair, but YG could have given the girl named Rosè some Rose-colored hair either it be red or a light pink. Lets move on before I stay on this subject far longer than I need too. Putting the aspect of hair styling aside, I loved this M/V. The visuals were amazing, the dance is cool–it’s not hard as I want it to be, but it’s cool–and the song flows nicely with the M/V. But, do I like the song? Lets find out.


The Song:

Out of the two songs I’m talking about today–I’ll give my opinion on Stay in the next section–but I loved this one more because it’s upbeat. I love this time of year, I love coffeehouse songs, but I also love it when songs are more upbeat. Jennie’s voice is amazing in this and I love that she can go back and forth between being a singer and being a rapper. If I had to find any fault with this song, then it’s sadly Lisa because unlike Boombayah and Whistle when she kinda had her own voice, YG flushed that out and made her rap in CL’s style. And that sucks because every idol needs their own voice. BLACKPINK needs to be BLACKPINK like 2NE1 was 2NE1. I’ll have more to say in my final thoughts, but for now, I’m moving on to Stay.

Lets Head Home


M/V Views: 5,787,890. Likes: 362,359

M/V & Dance:

This doesn’t have a dance, so I can only focus on the M/V and wow. Just like Playing with FireStay is beautiful visually. I love the cloudy effect, the girls are beautiful in all their shots, and the aesthetic is what makes this M/V shines.From the old building, to them sitting on the truck and setting off the blasters, to even the creepy men in white during that final shot. And while we’re on the blasters…

Those blast colors look familiar, is this YG’s way of saying goodbye to 2NE1? Because they remind me of 2NE1 mics, except the color that supposed to be CL’s smoke color is blue instead of gold and look at the smoke color that’s supposed to represent Minzy, it’s shorter than the others. Maybe, just maybe, I’m being nit-picky about this, but YG’s the type of sneak that would do something like this. YG will forever be the troll king of K-Pop.

Another thing I loved about this M/V was Jennie. Jennie is trying to be my bias wrecker because she made both M/Vs amazing and I usually don’t fangirl like this, but:


The girl is absolutely beautiful and her voice is amazing whether she’s rapping or singing. Even if YG don’t officially pick her as the leader, I would have to say for this comeback, she did an amazing job and she should be leader.


The Song:

So yeah, no matter what anybody else says, this is a coffeehouse ballad. It starts out with Rose playing her guitar and I gush immediately because no other YG group has played guitar in their songs. I know Kang Seung Yoon played the guitar in Wild and Young (OMG the feels of the old days), but he wasn’t in WINNER yet so that doesn’t count. So yeah, group wise BLACKPINK is the first group to do this. I don’t want to say this again, but Lisa is more of a con than a pro in this song because it feels like YG eased her in so she would have something to do. That being said, I do love her rap and it fits in with the song. It’s not just there to be there. Coffeehouse ballad or not, this is a good song but if you’re not a fan of these types of songs, then it’s definitely a grower.


Final Thoughts:

Lets get this out the way, I do not want this group to become 2NE1 2.0. Yes, they are from YG, but YG always believes that his younger groups should be like his older groups, i.e. iKON should be the next BIGBANG and now BLACKPINK should be the next 2NE1 and even though it’s their second time on the block, I can see those comparisons starting to form.

Rosè is supposed to be Bom (though she can definitely sing better than Bom), Jisoo is supposed to be Dara (but with more talent), Jennie is supposed to be Minzy (the only comparison I can truly see, especially since she’s multitalented like Minzy was, but that also means adds on to the fact that Minzy trained harder than the other members), and Lisa’s supposed to be CL (I definitely don’t want this to happen because I actually like Lisa).

Yeah, I don’t want this to happen. I don’t want Lisa to go off to America without a plan and a tour she shouldn’t have and I don’t want Jennie to leave because she’s not getting enough attention. All the awards and achievements that 2NE1 and BIGBANG have will come to their junior groups in time. Right now, I just want BLACKPINK (and iKON) to develop more. They are rookies and rookies have to be recognized before awards and achievements start to happen

Both of these songs are good, but I can see the flaws that other reviewers see. And that’s where I’m going to leave it because I have other things to do for the day, so until next time, I’m KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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