My Thoughts on RWBY: Vol. 4, Ep. 3

Bae Needs a Hand, Not Books

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and by the time you see this, I’ll be at work. Why is this up so early you ask? Because I broke down and got an RT First membership…good thing the first month is free. My love for RWBY is great, especially since the bae made a comeback…without her hand. I mean, she got disarmed pretty badly in the volume three finale. Has she learned how to masturbate with her left hand yet? I mean…I could show her…OK that’s too far and I’m sorry. Let’s move on with this thoughts piece, in honor of Yang, I will write this with one hand. OK, I lied. I did that in middle school, I won’t be doing that again, but I will text in one hand. See? I make compromises.

As usual, this will contained spoilers so if you haven’t watched it by the time I post this recap, then please get an RT account. You can even break down and get a FIRST membership like me.


01). The Black Sun Adventures:

First thing’s first, I kinda actually like Black Sun (despite my OTP being Bumblebee) so I like the Blake and Sun adventures. I hope Sun doesn’t die, I like him too much and he’s the last source of happiness–besides Nora–after Penny…died.Anyway, Sun has been stalking–sorry not sorry–Blake for like the past six to eight months because he saw her leave after everybody was safe in Vale. Did she leave behind her books?

Because I hear Yang’s got them now. He thinks Blake’s going to fight the White Fang…alone, but Blake’s being reasonable. She thinks her best move for now is to go home and (hopefully) warn the rest of her homeland that the White Fang is coming. Also, Blake wouldn’t have even known about Sun coming along if it hadn’t been for the underwater Grimm that attacked Captain Salt’s boat. And yes, his name is actually Captain Salt.


There are times that I just love being in the RWBY fandom, this is one of those times. Was this Miles Luna’s doing, I feel like this is Miles Luna’s doing. Also, I love how Blake’s cat ears are full of emotion now. When she’s mad or upset, they bend down and it’s just amazing. Another proof that the animation in this season has gotten so much better. Also, I need to point this out because I’ve seen it in the comments so many times, so it’s time to address it. I like the fighting style, it’s not everybody’s favorite, but for this scene with this Grimm…it works.Part of me still wonders how Blake is able to get to high in the air, even with the help of Sun’s semblance, but it doesn’t bother me that much since that whole moment was awesome.

Lastly, I’m glad we’re getting to know more about Blake because out of the four girls, we don’t know much about her. I’m excited to see her homeland, I excited to meet her family and I do want some more Black Sun moments because I do love those moments.


02). Selma Believe Something is not Right:

So yeah, I’m talking about Yang last because Yang’s section is shorter than Cinder’s. I’ve said this in the comments of the episode and I said in the episode one thoughts page, but I believe that Ozpin is not dead. I believe that he had one final trick and that’s why Cinder is mute. She gives a throaty yes after being asked yet again if our Beacon headmaster is dead. And Selma knows that something isn’t right, she won’t even let Emerald answer for her. And so does that Grimm orb thing…it’s probably a truth-teller, it peers into your soul  and if your lying, Selma will kill you. Hey Emerald, if you and Mercury want out, then next week’s your best option. Maybe you should team up with Yang, that would be fun. She’ll probably kill Mercury though, since he started the whole thing. Speaking of Yang…


03). The Journey of Yang, Prt. I:

I don’t know why I named it that, but it seems nice so I’m going to keep it as that. Anyway, Yang looks as bored as I did before I started working. Yeah, I have so much excitement in my life now. Anyway, Taiyang comes home after being in Atlas–did he happen to spot a certain Schnee?–and gives Yang a gift from Ironwood personally. A robotic arm because you know, she fought so admirably in the battle. After he accused her of cheating and disqualifies Team RWBY. Aren’t you kind, Ironwood? Anyway, while the gesture is kind, Yang is not feeling it because she’s still scared of Adam. She drops a glass while drinking some water and this happens:

I mean just let her get a glass of water, Adam…shit!! All jokes aside, I feel bad for my favorite blonde. She’s afraid and has every right to be. And since we’re on the robotic arm, let me just state my opinion now: I want her to get the arm, but not before episode five. Episode five is usually the episode before the halfway point and halfway before the meat of the volume begins. I want her to have the arm, but I want her to be mature. She obviously knows she can’t just keep flying into fights like she used too. She also has to be braver than ever because Ruby’s going to be in trouble soon and I need big sister Yang to come storming in. She’s obviously not staying home forever.


Final Thoughts:

I liked this episode, but I honestly hope this is the last of the buildup episodes. I want some form of action to happen; we’ve been the good and sad sides of Team RNJR (JNRR), we’ve seen what’s been going on since Team RWBY disbanded, and we’ve been introduced to more than enough new characters. Time to get the ball rolling, don’t make me regret getting this FIRST membership RT. Until next time, my name’s KrisSimsters and I’ll see you next time. Don’t try and stalk me at work.

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