Top Tens: Best As Told by Ginger Episodes

It Started with a Girl and her Diary

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and I’ve been aching to talk about As Told by Ginger for a long time. It was one of my favorite shows growing up and it was the last good animation show before the–as I dubbed it–Dan Schneider era. And as I’ve stated before, the way Nick ended the show was really, really distasteful.

So to get this ache of Ginger out of my mind, I thought it would be cool if I did a Top Tens on my favorite As Told by Ginger episodes. For those who don’t know, As Told by Ginger ran from October 2000 to November 2006, with the last of the unaired episodes currently airing on Teennick’s The Splat. And also since November is when the show ended, so I wanted to bring some happiness to it since it’ll be ten years since the show ended.

Before we get started on this list, I do want to interrelate that these episodes are only available on The Splat! and the episodes come on every Friday. There are other ways to watch the episodes, but I don’t recommend it. Sadly this series isn’t available on Hulu or Netflix, but you can find the DVDs on Amazon if you look hard enough. With that being said, I’m ready to look back on these episodes, so lets talk about As Told by Ginger, shall we?


Top Tens: Best As Told by Ginger Episodes:

10). Ginger the Juvey (01×01):

If we’re going by personal best episodes, then I can honestly say that Ginger the Juvey was a really good plot episode. We get character establishment from all the main characters and my hate for Dodie begins. The only con I have towards this episode–and it persists through the entire series–is that Ginger is a pushover and this is because Ginger is shy. She gets pushed over by everybody, from supposed friends such as Dodie to Miranda who can easily manipulate Ginger into doing anything, in this case it’s stealing a sign as Courtney’s birthday gift.

And while we’re on the subject of Miranda, can I just say that this is definitely one of Cree Summer’s best voice acting portrayals? When I was growing up there were always two voices I recognized when it came to animation, Cree Summer and Tara Strong. They were–are–my idols and I love them both. Moving on, while I enjoyed watching this episode again, you can see why it’s #10.


09). Of Lice and Friends (01×05):

I think this was the episode where I officially started hating Dodie, but one of the few beginning episodes where Ginger stands up for something–even if the incentive is for somebody else. Again, this isn’t an episode I hate, if I hated this episode it wouldn’t be on the list, but everybody in the episode didn’t seem that smart by the second half. Dodie gets drunk with power to the point that she wants to read off which students has lice. And why we’re on the lice report, whose bright idea was it to put the lice report in the desk drawer. Documents like that–given to you by a nurse–should be kept in a locked file cabinet, away from students. But let’s be real, if this happened in real life, then parents would have been outraged and the principal would have been fired. Especially if this happened in 2016. This is when I start to question Ginger and Macie’s friendship with Dodie.


08). Cry Wolf (01×08):

I’m sorry, I’m trying to find something I liked about this episode more than Miranda’s manipulation of Dodie. The only one I could find is that this is the first episodes that deals with a “girl issue,” and in this case, it’s Ginger’s legs. Because Dodie blabs this information to Miranda, Miranda uses this information against Ginger and again, I wonder why Ginger hasn’t given Dodie the proverbial boot. I guess I also like this episode because Ginger decides to face her bully head on instead of letting Miranda get to her. There are other girl issue episodes in this series and I’m sure I’ll talk about them sooner–or later–if not in this episode, but of the ones I know of, this one is the weakest because it’s in the first season.


07). Ms. Foutley’s Boys (02×10):

This episode gave me a headache, but I understand where it’s coming from. Before the–thankfully happy–marriage of Lois Foutley to Dr. Dave, we had to go through this episode. While I hate Buzz and his boys, I know what’s it’s like to never have a complete family. By the time I was born, my parents weren’t even considering getting together. I didn’t even know who my Dad was until I was two and even then, I learned that I had an older sister. My Mom has had bad boyfriend after bad boyfriend, but I still stuck by her while she went through them. In the end, I still want my Mom to be happy and if she decides to get married, I hope she’s happy with who she decides to marry.


06). Fast Reputation (02×03):

As you can see, we’re getting into the deeper episodes, which means some of these episodes will probably make you cry. This is the only time you’ve seen Ginger try to be as much as a social climber as Dodie and it gets her into trouble, more trouble than she needs. This also teaches girls about advancing too far. Of course this is downplayed as nothing more than Ginger saying she made out with Jake–the high school boy in question–but in real life this could get a lot further such as…sex. And it’s sad this episode got banned back when it was on, it bared an important lesson that even young girls today should learn. Speaking of girl issues…


05). Gym Class Confidential (02×02):

Yes to this episode, just yes, yes, yes. One of my favorite episodes because it covered two topics in one, Macie having to deal with impending womanhood and Hoodsey having to get used to the boys’ locker room showers. Luckily for me, when I had gym it was at the last period so I could just go home and shower there, but I was not prepared for womanhood at all. My state didn’t have the “girls go in one classroom and boys go in the other classroom so we could learn about our bodies” until high school, but that was because we needed to learn about breast cancer.

I didn’t learn about “becoming a woman” until I had my first very visit with Aunt Ruby. It was scary and whatever my Mom didn’t tell me, she let me borrow books from the library where I read about it. When this episode aired back when I was eleven, I felt like Macie. I experienced it earlier than other girls in my grade, did it make me different? Did the other girls know about it before I experienced it? Sadly though, this was another episode that got banned from rerunning because it was too in your face.


04). Come Back Little Seal Girl (01×12):

As somebody who is unique, I feel for this episode.I would probably never sing a K-Pop cover in front of a crowd (my Korean is terrible), but I am the shy type. I’m the who will observe her surroundings before deciding whether or not this is an OK area. This is partly because I was bullied into being like everybody else instead of being myself when I was in middle school…especially 8th Grade. I was glad when I moved in high school because I would have never discovered J-Rock and I would have never discovered K-Pop if it wasn’t for J-Rock. I would have never rediscovered my love for Western Animation and I would have never learned the important lesson of just being myself. And I’m glad Macie got to learn the same lesson. Always be you, never be anybody else. Also, It’s Courtney, It’s Courtney. I never get tired of that.


03). Losing Nana Bishop (02×07):

An episode dealing with death, these episodes are definitely known to be my favorite type of episodes. They hit more since my own grandmother died this past May. This will probably be the only time I will ever feel sorry for Dodie, but it’s obvious that Hoodsey is the real hero of this episode. Even though his grandmother doted on Dodie more–where else would Dodie get the inspiration of her seasons 1 and 2 pigtails–he gave that amazing eulogy. But because this is called As Told by Ginger, we get a little backstory about Ginger’s grandmother, her father’s mother. Speaking of Jonas, I want to talk about Hello Stranger personally, not in this list. I love the episode enough to talk about it on its own. Anyway, back to this episode, does anybody else find it a little disturbing that Dodie’s grandmother wears her head in pigtails? It doesn’t matter, this is a good episode. It has the feels and everything.


02). No Turning Back/Butterflies are Free (03×05):

This is a sad episode, sad in a good way. The transition from middle school to high school–or any school transition–is an emotional time. You never know what to expect with the next stage of your life and you don’t know if your friends will be able to follow you all the way or not. What I love most about this episode is the story leading up to the final scene. Courtney getting stuck in the locker, Hoodsey being the only sane man out of Blake, Carl, and–shutter–Brandon, and even Ginger’s freak outs about graduating, they were all funny and they all made the story unique. This was kinda like a series finale for me because I couldn’t get to see the other episodes until I went searching for them. And this is why I loved my #1 pick so much more.


01). A Lesson in Tightropes (o3x11):

This is the episode, this episode that made me go back and finish the rest of As Told by Ginger. I was roaming around on YouTube one day–I was probably in my late teens-early 20s–when I came across A Lesson in Tightropes. By this point, Ginger and the gang are older, so once I got over that initial shock, I checked out the episode. It was so damn good. And I’m trying not to swear as much on here, but it was good. It was sad, but it had it’s funny moments. But yeah, apparently since they got in high school, Ginger and Darren hadn’t been fairing well up to that point. There is so much I want to talk about in this episode, but I do want to say that this song is what makes the episode one of the best episodes of the series:

This song is a tearjerker, hell this whole episode is a tearjerker, but that’s what makes it amazing. And yes, I’m saying that this episode beat out Hello StrangerAnd She was Gone, and even the episode before it, Kiss Today Goodbye. And you know what sucks the most? It’s the fact that this episode is so amazing and it adds so much definition to Ginger’s character–definition that she definitely needed–that it gets knocked down in the last scene of the series finale, The Wedding Frame. And I want to get into that too, but Ginger and Darren’s relationship requires a separate post. As of now, it’s late into the night and I haven’t done any of the writing I wanted to do because I focused so much on writing on this. Time for my final thoughts.


Final Thoughts:

Talking about As Told by Ginger and all of its pros and cons is something that needs more…attention. Which is why I’ve dedicated the rest of the year to Ginger. I’ll be talking about some of my all time favorite episodes–A Lesson in TightropesHello, Sranger,  And She Was Gone and the like–along with episodes that need to be addressed. I can’t wait until I get into I Spy a Witch and Wicked Game, those two are going to be fun. And I say the rest of the year because I don’t know when these specific episodes will be ready, especially since I’ve started working. So lets just say that I have until the end of January 2017 to talk about Ginger. So, until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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