My Thoughts on RWBY: Vol. 4, Ep. 4


Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and in case you haven’t noticed, I might have changed up the blog color and interface a little. I wanted to change the name of the blog to Girl Geek for a while so on my last day off–Friday–I just decided to change things up. I like it now, it gives a small feel of winter. Maybe I’ll change it up again before the year ends because I’m not a huge fan of the color. Yes it fits, but I want it to be a little bit lighter. Moving on, RWBY made a comeback with a second round of episodes. Yeah, the scheduling of the show episodes are weird, but it’s still worth the five bucks of a FIRST membership, but I can’t complain.

I also don’t know if we’re getting an episode next week because it’s a holiday weekend, but if we do get one then I know the next thoughts section is going to be late. Like it won’t be released until the next Wednesday I’m off late because from Thanksgiving until the 30th of the month, I’ll be working nonstop. It sucks, but I also need money so I’m not really complaining. But enough rambling, lets talk about RWBY, shall we? And yeah, we have a lot to talk about.


My Thoughts on RWBY: Vol. 4, Ep. 4:

1). Getting Back Out There:

I need to rage for a moment before I actually talk about the episode. Like what the fuck RT, I thought we had a deal!! Wait until episode six, not before six!! Everything happens around episode six!! Especially since this is RWBY and RWBY doesn’t have a lot of episodes as it is!! Damn it Miles and Kerry!! Damn!!

OK, I’m not going to lie, I knew the arm would be making its debut soon on Yang’s arm, I just didn’t expect it to be as soon as episode four. While I disagree with the time frame of Yang putting on the arm, I’m also going to give the arm the benefit of the doubt. She can’t just hide forever, she needs to face her fears. She needs to bring Ruby home because we know that Taiyang isn’t going to do it–don’t question me, we were all thinking it. He’s not really worried about Ruby because Qrow’s looking after her (we’ll get into that later) so he needs to focus his attention on Yang. But what happens when Yang leaves? Will she leave to go after Ruby or will she fight her own battles with Adam? I don’t see her going after Adam, but I do see Adam returning in the volume before it’s up. We have eight more episodes to go.

And yeah, I loved seeing Professor Port and Dr. Oobleck again, still wondering what’s in Oobleck’s cup, but I imagine that mystery won’t be revealed until the last episode of the volume. I mean, it’s not alcohol…right? I know it’s not coffee because it would be too obvious and if RWBY is anything, it’s not subtle. You know who else isn’t subtle?! Fucking Taiyang Xiao Long!! Yeah, that moment happened…

It might have gotten a laugh after a minute or two but you know exactly what I was thinking. That was a huge no…moment. I thought she was going to him him with her good hand, I wouldn’t have even gone that far. But it did it’s job in the end, it got Yang to put on the arm and honestly, I’m not mad. She needed to put on the arm, we knew the arm was going to happen as soon as we saw it in episode three.

And it was a gift from Ironwood, who’s basically a robot, who invented the greatest person ever. I hope Yang gets to team up with Weiss in the later episodes of the volume. That would be awesome honestly. And oh yeah, Taiyang hasn’t heard from Ruby since the end of volume three. But that doesn’t mean Qrow hasn’t.


2). The Branwen Twins:

This part of the episode isn’t particually about Team RNJR (JNRR), as it’s more about the conversation between Qrow and Raven. Yes, Raven has made an appearance after season two and she sounds different.Yes, she’s still voiced by Anna Hullum, but her voice sounds different since the two volumes we’ve seen her. I’m going to call it as Anna getting into the role of Raven, kinda like Vic Mignogna did with Qrow. So I’m still confused about Raven honestly. Like is she good or is she evil? She scares the living shit out of me, but that’s it. Maybe I’m not paying enough attention to the episode, maybe I’m paying too much attention, but I feel like something’s missing. Like what is her endgame besides making Qrow’s life a living hell.

Other than that, the only thing I can think about talking about is how Qrow is kinda playing guardian angel to Team RNJR (JNRR). While I can see while some fans hate this idea and believes that their adventures aren’t really adventures because Qrow’s doing most of the killing in secret, I don’t mind this. They still are kids, regardless of what happened in volume three. So yes, give them a guardian angel…even if he is a drunk. Also, that waitress is me when I try to hit on guys. I hope we get to see her at least one more time.


3). Ozpin is Not Dead:

That’s it. Ozpin’s not dead, I was right. I mean come on, Ozpin is like Dumbledore, he’s not going to die. And if he died, it wouldn’t be that easy. What I’m trying to figure out is whether he’s possessing Oscar (Farmer Boy) or is he in Oscar’s mirror? This is short because as of now, thing is known. We do know that he has some kind of powers so I’m going to call him the Ace of Volume 4. I don’t know what he’s going to do, but I’m calling it now. Are we sure he’s not the Spring Maiden?

Now we Can Train

Final Thoughts:

We are a little more to the halfway point of the volume and things are shaping up nicely. I can tell we’re going to have some breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas and if that’s the case, then I honestly welcome it. This also makes me glad that MLP has ended because if I was still doing MLP and this…yeah, it would have been too much, especially since I’m working. And on that note, I’m tired. I have some things to finish up around the house and then I’m going to start my work week. Until next time, I’m KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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