Kris Reviews K-Pop #35: The YG Problem

The Poor Baby

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and man…oh man. If you happen to be a YG Stan, after today–I have to ask–are you still one? I woke up to find out that not one, but two YG fandoms are going through hell right now, the rest of 2NE1 has decided to finally disband and after battling mental illness for the past month–or longer because it’s YG–Nam Taehyun has been asked to leave WINNER and the YG label. Look before I go deeper into this article, I’m going to say it now. I’m more shocked about Taehyun leaving WINNER than 2NE1 disbanding. I know they are legends and this is probably heartbreaking to all Blackjacks, but between Minzy leaving the group in May and Bom’s 2014 “scandal,” I knew 2NE1 was going to either die down as a whole or just disband. And it’s sad that I called this and was right, but yeah…lets talk about this, shall we?


Kris Reviews K-Pop #35: The YG Problem:

2NE1 Disbands:

Since I read about 2NE1’s disbandment first, lets talk about that. As I stated in my opening, I knew 2NE1 was over for a couple of years before Minzy decided to leave. And yes, the obvious Minzy’s clues were obviously a part of it, but the fact that Bom’s scandal happened and it made the remaining members of 2NE1 inactive for about eight months, including missing out at the 2014 MAMAs, I knew the end of 2NE1 was near. What sucks is that I hoped I was kinda wrong. 2NE1–in their own right–are K-Pop icons. For years, they’ve been the only group to hold their own against legends, SNSD.

Even though they’ve only had two mini albums and two full albums–which is sad for an idol who isn’t in a well-known label–they’ve had the best digital and physical downloads. Back when I still liked 2NE1, I knew whenever they released a new song, they would receive all-kill after all-kill. They were the group to beat when SNSD wasn’t around and when the two girl groups released a new song, promotions were a battle. There’s a reason why the SNSD vs. 2NE1 fandoms had a battle of the ages. There’s a reason why you had to call yourselves Sonejacks if you liked both groups.

And that’s what made 2NE1’s disbandment so difficult for Blackjacks and YG Stans. It’s bad enough that they had to disband, but to disband without getting a proper farewell stage? That sucks.Regardless of my feelings towards 2NE1, regardless of how much I hate CL–another subject, another day–and no matter how much you might hate YG after today, the disbandment happened. But they left behind a legacy and as I always say, the legacy is important.


Nam Taehyun Leaves WINNER and YG:

So yeah, I’m going to speak logically for a second. While it can’t be proven, I honestly believe that Taehyun was forced to leave WINNER and YG because of his mental disorder, especially with the first part of this statement:

“After lengthy discussions with Nam Tae Hyun, it was judged that it would be difficult for him to continue activities through WINNER. His exclusive contract got cancelled on November 18.”

And yeah, that bothers me. It bothers me as a K-Pop fan and it bothers me as somebody who might be going through different stages of depression. How can you just decide that through a series of discussions? There was no mention of a mental doctor in the room, so how can YG and his team decide something like this? I have depression and yet, it’s not holding me back. Taehyun just wanted to sing. And as somebody who was watched WINNER grow from the time they battled on WIN: Who Is Next to now, this makes me sad. Just listen to his voice:

That is a good voice. Why would YG just waste that for three years? And if Nam Taehyun has mental issues, then what about the rest of WINNER? How does YG know if the rest of WINNER is sane? And I can honestly say that YG’s doing what’s best with Taehyan and he’s going to get better and we’re going to see him again and while I agree with two of the points I just made, I can’t agree with the way YG ended things with Taehyun.

It was in poor fashion, it was even worst than the way 2NE1 disbanded because Dara and CL are still signed with YG. Dara’s going to do acting (hopefully it’ll stick to her while it can because she’s thirty and she’s just now starting to act) and CL’s going to continue being CL, which means she’s going to stay in America probably for the rest of her life if YG can help it. And Bom? I don’t know what Bom’s doing honestly. Back to Taehyun. I hope he recovers and I hope WINNER recovers. I just don’t want to see WINNER fail because it might lead to that.


Final Thoughts:

This is a sad time for YG Stans and the appopraite fandoms, but while you can mourn today, don’t do it for a long period of time. They might be idols, they are also people who are alive. This isn’t the end of the disbanded 2NE1 or Nam Taehyun, this is the beginning for them. I wish Taehyun the best for recovering and I wish the disbanded 2NE1 the best. If I did say one thing though, I think this is the downfall of YG. With TOP going out in the Military at the start of 2017 and MADE being “released” in “December,” the next few years will be a test for YG. He can’t keep BIGBANG away from the military forever. Especially since this is Korea. Until next time, my name’s KrisSimsters and Stay Golden. I’m going to bed now.

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