Updates: Winter Updates!!

Christmas Time is Here

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and Thanksgiving will be over…by the time this is published. So first thing’s first, since I’m the only one who runs this blog–and I’m now working–things are slow. I’ve asked this before and I’ll ask it again, I need a secondhand. I’ve let things go slow before, but now I’m able to get only one piece out weekly and so far that’s RWBY recaps. If you are interested in being a secondhand, then please let me know via Twitter. Now then, on to business. We are in the winter months, which will late from late November until the end of Feburary–and no it’s not a Leap Year.So lets figure out what’s going to happen for the season, shall we?



  • K-Pop Fall/Winter Playlist: Yeah, yeah. I know what your thinking, this should have been out already for Fall and you proclaimed no Winter playlist. Well, I started working and the rest is history. Bottom line, this list will be coming out in the winter and since BIGBANG is making a comeback, I might as well include them, shouldn’t I? So yeah, we’re getting a Fall/Winter Playlist. Expected date: 12/31…at the latest. If it hits midnight and this list isn’t out, then just forget out me publishing it because I will probably delete it.
  • December Lookback: Man, I missed a lot of good K-Pop songs since I started working. From MAMAMOO’s Delacomine to the recently released SISTAR’s One More Day, I think I should go back and some of the best K-Pop songs that I’ve missed out on. Expected date: 12/31. Same deal, if this isn’t finished by midnight, then I’ll most likely drop it.
  • BIGBANG Comeback Review: Yeah, BIGBANG’s making a comeback. That’s weird, because it should have been out in November, right? So just in case I can’t talk about BIGBANG in my Fall/Winter playlist, then I’ll make a review out of it separately. Expected date: When the MADE album drops in its entirety.
  • Normal K-Pop Reviews: If anything happens to drop during the winter months, then I’ll review it either that day or when I’m not too tired. Simple as that. Expected date: 02/28/17.

Western Animation


  • Final Thoughts on South Park (Season 20): Yeah, I’ve been slacking this these particular recaps and things have been amazing in the season. When the season’s over in a couple of weeks, I’ll talk about it as a whole and in a more in-depth way. Man that’s going to be a long one. Expected date: 12/24. It’ll be my Christmas gift to you.
  • My Thoughts on RWBY, Vol. 4: I still like doing these, though I know that this week’s will probably be late because I’m going to be working the next week straight until next Wednesday. I’m telling you, if you get a recap out of me on Sunday night, then ya’ll will be lucky because until have on time on that next Wednesday, the only thing I will be thinking about is sleep. Expected date: Either every Saturday and/or Sunday night. Unless told otherwise.
  • As Told by Ginger (Rewind): I’m not sure if the title itself will stick, but the concept is clear. I want to look back on my favorite–and least favorite–As Told by Ginger episodes from now until the winter season is over. Expected date: 01/31/2017.
  • Top Tens: My Favorite Christmas Theme Episodes: The Christmas season is here and it’s time to talk about my favorite Christmas episodes in Western Animation. Expected date: 12/22 (my Mom’s birthday and since I don’t want to write on her birthday, I definitely want to get this out beforehand).


Final Thoughts:

My schedule isn’t as big as it usually is–especiaally for December–but if I want to get this stuff out and keep this blog updated often, then I need to cutback. Working and getting this blog done is hard and as always, I try to get as much out as possible. I do have a lot I want to talk about, I want to share my things with you guys, so until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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