My Thoughts on RWBY: Vol. 4, Ep. 5

It’s the Obvious House in the Middle

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and after another WoR filler–even though it’s informational filler, it’s still filler–we finally return to RWBY. Will we see episode six next week or more world-building, one will never know. I will give RWBY this, they make the best filler episodes.

Anyway, the actual episode was pretty good, focusing on Black Sun as they head into Menagerie to warn Blake’s family of the White Fang…except the fact that the White Fang is already there and I was hoping RT wouldn’t go into the predictable route of them saying they are against the White Fang but really aren’t, but they do and I…don’t like that. It happens at every point in an anime.

When they arrive: “We’re not with the White Fang, we want to do them harm.” Once they leave: “Lets inform the bad guys that we’re still with them by giving them interesting developments.” And by this point, I consider RWBY an American anime, so this shit doesn’t fly with me. No more predictable moves RT!! Now, lets talk about the episode, shall we?


My Thoughts on RWBY: Vol. 4, Ep. 5:

The Black Sun Adventures (Prt. II):

I love how beautiful and peaceful Menagerie is, though it’s not by choice. As Blake stated, even though they are still treated as second class, the Faunus citizens get along to make the best of it. Menagerie reminds me of Indonesia, the background is gorgeous and I loved the designs of the Faunus citizens. I loved Sun’s expressions as he’s exploring Menagerie for the first time, if I wasn’t so tired then I would have reacted the same way. Also, not everybody is a Faunus and that makes me even more ecstatic!! Blake reconnecting with her parents, am I the only one who thought her Mom was her Sister? She is young for her age. I don’t want to let my bisexuality out anymore than it already is, but Blake’s Mom is a major MILF.

And her Dad isn’t that bad looking either, I love her hot her parents are!! Also, both of her parents are alive and happy together!! We haven’t met Weiss’ Mom yet, but given by the family portrait, I doubt the Schnee parents are happy.

This episode was also heavy with the Black Sun, especially with the meet the parents angle. I mean this was so awkward and I loved it. Papadonna does not like Sun, but Mamadonna does.

But I’m not going to lie, Sun’s wordplay did not help. Yes, it was funny and it was perfectly Sun, but the shipping was so there. Black Sun definitely won ship of the episode. I really hope Sun doesn’t die, I cannot take another ship-death.

And now we get to the gritty part of the episode…these two:


So much stuff wrong with this scene. First of all, how would Blake’s parents not know what has with the White Fang at Vale. It’s been six to eight months, they should have known something. They knew Vale was attacked by Grimm and that people has died because of it, but they should have known the White Fang was somewhat behind it. It just seems like this thought wasn’t planned out with writing.

Second of all, why did Blake reveal herself? Yes, I get that she wants to protect her home, I completely understand that, but just running out like that, knowing that the White Fang is after her is again, something that wasn’t planned out in writing.

And lastly, I talked about it before I started talking about the episode, but I really hate it when people from a group believes that they are against the fallout group, but really aren’t. It’s a predictable move. This only worked with Felix in Red vs. Blue because his betrayal wasn’t revealed right away. I just wish they pretended to play good guy for at least a lot longer than they did. And that’s why I hate the end of this episode. Except for Papadonna revealing that he doesn’t like Sun, that was cute.


Final Thoughts:

Why am I not talking about the end of the episode? Because there’s not enough to talk about. Crazy Guy is looking for Ruby and the rest of Team RNJR. I honestly forgot about him because he only appeared in episode one. He’s a forgettable side villain, unlike Salem. I love listening to the Divide instrumental whenever we get a moment with her. But yeah, Crazy Guy will be mentioned next week–hopefully. Until then, my name is KrisSimsters and until next time, Stay Golden.

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