My Final Thoughts on South Park: Season 20

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Hey guys, it’s your girl, KrisSimsters and the 20th season of South Park has finally ended. Yes, it’s only ten episodes long and there’s still so much to talk about in future seasons, but the ten episodes we were given has enough for me to talk about in one post. So as we say goodbye to the latest season, lets look back at the season as a whole, discuss my favorite–and least favorite–episode and contemplate the next season. Now, lets talk about South Park, shall we?

Oh yeah and this will contain spoilers, so you’ve been warned.


My Final Thoughts on South Park: Season 20:

The Season Overall:

Compared to internet reviews, this would probably be the best–or worst–seasons of South Park. Some people still aren’t used to the serialization method–I’ve been catching up on Film Theory lately–but this is my opinion. And yeah, even as a super fan, this season has been good and bad. While I enjoyed the season as a whole, I can even say that there were some moments I don’t like and some moments I loved. And I don’t mind that, I never said South Park was perfect, just look at the first episode. It was poorly made out of construction paper and red marker was used as Kenny’s blood. So before we go any further, lets talk about what I loved and didn’t love about this season.

Things I Loved:

  • Cartman Getting what he Deserved: While I was sad by the moment the boys turned on Cartman, even as my favorite character, I have to admit that he had this coming years ago. Don’t get me wrong, he’s been shunned out before, but this time felt more real. Having your electronics destroyed–something that you or somebody else have paid hard-earned money on–is like the worst thing in the world. But I liked what it turned him into…until the last few episodes of the seasons.
  • Heiman: Heiman was the cutest ship–and newest–ship of the season and I loved it. They were dorky and cute and their song, Let’s Come Together as a School is the cutest thing that has happened in the show. As much as I love Creek, Heiman gave me more of a reaction and I was sad when they broke up in the last episode. Yeah, it hasn’t been confirmed, but it was heavily implied in the last few scenes.
  • Women Mattered: This was the season that women mattered and yeah, I loved it. I know some things had to be revised after the thing that happened in November, but things were solved in the end with help from a girl. I just wished the overall theme, women mattered had stuck around longer than the first four or five episodes.
  • The Fort Collins Massacre: This whole thing was the best thing of the season. When TrollFace was in its pre-stages, it focused on the town of Fort Collins and what happened was both amazing and scary. It wasn’t as big as the Steven vs. Bismuth moment, but it was still awesome.

Things I Hated:

  • Gerald Broflovski/SkankHunt42: This was my main issue with the season, I never thought I would hate a character as much as I hated Gerald Broflovski as SkankHunt42. He was the worst and best choice. He spent the whole season trolling and manipulating people including his wife and his children. He would prove to do anything to save his own ass, even if it included putting his own children in danger with their mother. And by the end of the season, he gets away with everything because he destroyed TrollTrace. While Sheila doesn’t know anything, Kyle and Ike know everything and they are not happy. Unlike Sheila, they know they’ve been manipulated and know who he really is. This also means that the boys and girls will never reconcile because the girls think that it was the boys who were trolling. Unless it turns into another Style case (Stan and Kyle apologized offscreen after season 19), then this is an issue that will never be resolved. And that sucks, Gerald doesn’t get any form of punishment from what he did. Even Randy Marsh would realize that what he was doing was wrong. Even Cartman would try to fix things. So yes, Gerald is worst than Cartman.


Favorite Episode of the Season:

I said earlier in the season that Skank Hunt was going to be my favorite episode of the season and while the other episodes were good…I mean Fort Collins could be a really close second place episode, but as much as I hated Gerald in the second half of the season, I still loved Skank Hunt. The girls breaking up with the boys Games of Throne-style and the boys destroying Cartman are still the best moments of the season for me. I even loved Boston playing during Gerald’s night of trolling. This episode was the perfect episode of the season. I could go back to the breakup scene and I would still love it.


Least Favorite Episode of the Season:

Wieners Out is not a bad episode. Some people actually like it, but I am not one of those people. I hated this episode, I could no longer tolerate Butters in this episode. The fact that none of the boys–aside from Kyle–apologized for what they did to Cartman and then Butters has the nerve to be mad because Charlotte broke up with him? OK, yes he has to right to be mad, but he doesn’t have the right to start a movement. And don’t get me started on the peeing thing…I’m still shaken by that. Even thinking about it makes me uneasy, lets just move on before I have nightmares again.


Final Thoughts:

This was not a bad season, it had a few hiccups but the season was good. The episodes were good, even with the small fumble in the second half. I want next season to focus on what happens after this season. I want to see the fallout with Gerald and his kids. I want to see what Garrison is going to do know that he’s president. I want to see if the boys and the girls will ever reconcile. I want some answered questions in season 21. We have at least three more seasons of this show, let’s make them the best seasons as if each one will be the last. Until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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