My Thoughts on RWBY: Vol. 4, Ep. 6


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Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and if I wasn’t so sore and tired from work, then I would be jumping up and down with pure joy. RWBY finally stopped being so dramatic and we got down to one of the main plot points of the season, Tyrian finding Ruby and kidnapping her for Salem. Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck that fight scene, holy fuck. Yes, I loved everything about this episode, I am so happy right now. I’m not going to waste anytime, lets just get right into this, shall we?


My Thoughts on RWBY: Vol. 4, Ep. 6:

Weiss is Done with Your Shit:

When I say this episode was golden, I mean this episode was golden. While I’m saving the really good stuff for later in the recap, lets talk about this charity event. Apparently, Weiss is the only one singing in this charity event and you can see the growth in her character in the ballroom. First thing’s first, her voice is amazing. I think it’s Casey Lee Williams singing–I’m not really sure, don’t quote me on that–but I love her voice. I can’t wait to hear the full song in the soundtrack once the season’s over

Anyway, the whole event is supposed to honor the fallen Vale, but honestly nobody besides Weiss and Ironwood seems to remember…or care. Though it made me sad, it’s exactly how I would imagine Atlas citizens to be; uncaring and shallow. Also, they weren’t there and they don’t know what happened, so…their cruelty, while awful makes sense. No, I don’t agree with it, but again the only ones who were there were Weiss and Ironwood. So yes, they are going to get mad. But what I didn’t expect was this:

Yes motherfuckers, endure the anger of Weiss Schnee!! Seriously though, her semblance reminds me of the Boarbatusk Grimm we encountered in Vol. 1, Ep. 10. If that is the same Grimm then does that mean that her semblance will resemble all the Grimm she’s defeated up to this point? If that’s the case, then that sounds so badass. The other thing we’re going to talk about is of course Jacques Schnee and his abuse towards his daughter. I mean, he doesn’t even help her up. It’s like a more mature version of Pacifica Northwest, except without the bell. I hope Weiss will train her semblance now and I hope she leaves by the end of the volume.


2). Tyrian Attacks Team RNJR:

Yeah, I think I’m going to stick to Team RNJR from now on, but not because I think Ruby’s the leader, but because Ren is showing real leadership this season. Also we’re entering a new, exposition village known as Oniyuri and it’s located on Mountain Glenn. Apparently, Oniyuri was trying to be its own continent like Vale and Atlas, but the supporters died of a Grimm attack. And how do we know this? Because Ren’s parents were killed in the Grimm attack. Does this mean that Ren’s parents died before Nora’s? I like the idea of a young Ren traveling on his own until he spots a newly orphaned Nora and decides to let her travel with him until they reach Vale and Beacon. And yes, this is my Renora mind making up a narrative that I hope is true.

Speaking of traveling, I felt bad for Ruby at the beginning of this episode. She grew up in a small village and I’m sorry, but I’m going to call her a little privileged. Yes, Taiyang taught her a lot, but you can see how scared she’s getting the further she goes. I think she just wants to see somebody from her team again. I still think it should be either Weiss or Yang because while I have nothing against Blake, she’s in a whole another country right now. And how much money does Team RNJR have left? Do they have any money at all? And lastly, for all those people who didn’t think Ruby and the gang didn’t need Qrow’s supervision in the last episode, this fight scene shows you exactly why Qrow stuck by her in secret.

If it wasn’t for Qrow, then Ruby would have been kidnapped by Tyrian and taken to Salem in this episode. He depleted her semblance and the rest of Team RNJR couldn’t stand, no less further defended her when they had. Qrow came in such a badass way, I just loved it. The whole fight scene though was definitely one of the better fight scenes of the season. Tyrian came in like a force and when it was revealed that he was a Faunus, I just wanted to scream. Yes, motherfucker, yes. This is the RWBY I enjoyed, this is the RWBY I love. I don’t have a problem with the buildup episodes, they were good episodes, but I knew that they weren’t going to be like that for the whole season. We were going to get some more action sooner or later and I am ready for it.


Final Thoughts:

The whole scene with Team RNJR in Oniyuri is probably going to be in my Top Ten moments of RWBY, it was awesome. The fight was amazing, Tyrian’s grand entrance and battle with Team RNJR was amazing and Qrow was amazing. Weiss snapping on the charity event people was amazing, I just loved this episode. I was anxiously waiting for more action and I’m so glad we finally got it. This episode woke me up and it woke up Team RNJR too. I can’t wait for next week’s episode. But now it’s time for sleep, so until next time, I’m KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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