Kris Reviews K-Pop #37: BIGBANG


Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and I’m not really tired, so I’m going to try to put out a K-Pop review. I know these have been lacking lately, but only because I need to have a lot of energy when it comes to K-Pop, it’s just my nature. But in this case, it’s different because it’s BIGBANG and Winter has definitely came because we got a BIGBANG comeback on time. Also, this is the last time we’ll probably see BIGBANG as a whole group because as we all know, TOP is going to the Army…or public service.

Either way, he’s not going to be in BIGBANG for a while, which means we’re getting at least one more GD album and one more Taeyang album before they leave and then YG’s probably going to be screwed for about a year because Daesung and Seungri has probably called Japan home by now. Long story short, this is the last time we’ll see BIGBANG as BIGBANG before TOP leaves. And who knows, maybe by the time he’ll come back, he–probably–wouldn’t want to be in BIGBANG anymore.

No offense to VIPs, I’m a VIP as well but there are some things you can kinda see happening and TOP leaving BIGBANG after he serves his time is something I can see happen. And while I wouldn’t be sad, I can’t be mad either because by then, he’ll probably serve more than ten years with the infamous five-member group and let’s be real, he puts more into his acting than his dancing nowadays. Anyway, no more rambling, lets talk about BIGBANG, shall we?


Kris Reviews K-Pop #37: BIGBANG:

BIGBANG-FxxK It Review:

The view counter for both M/Vs are stuck so I thought, what if we don’t add views and likes this time around. It sounds like a good idea, so lets give it a go. Anyway, the first of the two BIGBANG M/Vs that I saw was FxxK It and the title of the song is how I feel when I’m at work half the time. But I just wished the song was more badass. Yes, I loved M/V and the song, they were both very upbeat, but the title of the song doesn’t match the actual song, especially if you read the lyrics. In fact if you read the lyrics to all three songs, then two out of the three are talking about romance while the last one is talking about growing up in a sense. We’ll talk about the other two in a moment.

As I stated before, I do love this M/V. It’s bright and colorful and what I expected from a BIGBANG M/V. The song is catchy and it gets in your head after the first listen. The only thing that bothered me more than the song title is Taeyang’s hair. There are some Taeyang hairstyles that I could tolerate through the years, but this one…I just hate it. It’s worst than his Mickey Mouse ears. Let me put it this way, GD’s hairstyle is more reasonable than Taeyang’s. At least he still has a good voice. It makes up for the awful hair.


BIGBANG-Last Dance Review:

This is definitely the goodbye song. When I saw the teaser, I knew it was the goodbye song. When I heard TOP singing, I knew it was the goodbye song, when he and Seungri got a good chunk of lines, I knew it was the goodbye song. If BIGBANG were to disband, then I would have love for it to be with this song. It’s a good song. The meaning is nice and I loved the M/V, I loved how everything was spinning, giving a good meaning to the end of the group as a whole. And yeah, this last picture of them at the end of the M/V that’s also my featured image…probably my best show of them since Loser came out.

The color choices for this M/V are very interesting. It goes from gray-scale to various washed out colors and it’s something I like. There is also a story behind this M/V, but I’m not really sure what it is yet. I honestly believe it’s about growing up, but not without one last dance with our childhood. It’s definitely one of my favorite slower BIGBANG songs and is a major improvement over Sober and Let’s Not Fall in Love. And this kind of M/V could be what If You was last year if YG wasn’t cheap to do eight songs and eight M/Vs. If I had to choose between Sober and If You getting an M/V, it definitely would have been If You because it was the more popular song.


BIGBANG-Girlfriend Review:

Out of the three songs, this is my favorite one. Yes, I love all three of them, but this has BIGBANG at their realnesss. While FxxK It expressed their desire to admit that they’re falling in love and Last Dance is more of a farewell song for the group as five, this one is just fluffy and it’s what BIGBANG is. The last BIGBANG song we got like this was at least We Like to Party. I like how Taeyang’s journey of finding a girlfriend is complete from I Need a Girl to Girlfriend. Though I will miss the topless days. But yeah, I liked this song more than the others and it completes the album. Was it worth waiting a year for the full album? I’ll let you know in a minute, for now listen to the song.


Final Thoughts:

Was it worth waiting a year for this full album to come out? Honestly, no. Besides the eight that we already had in 2015, it seems really unfair that we had to wait 12 months for three songs. I know YG’s supposed to be some “hip-ster” label, but when will YG get the picture? His label is just like any other label, not every idol group is going to be the next BIGBANG or 2NE1. He honestly got lucky with BIGBANG and 2NE1 because he properly promoted them.

If he hadn’t, then they wouldn’t have really gone anywhere. And since 2NE1 hadn’t moved since 2014, it was time for them to disband. So no, I don’t think it was worth a year to get only three songs in a total of eleven songs for a full album. Especially since full albums now are at least fifteen songs long. I feel like VIPs once again got royally screwed. The songs are good, but it wasn’t worth the year-long wait. And that’s where I’ll leave you. So until next time, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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