Final Words in 2016

Image of fountain pen writing  word of thank you

Hey Guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and this is one of my lasts post of 2016. While this isn’t focused on any specific topic, I think I’ll keep this brief. I had this blog empty for about a year before I decided to use it and while I liked working on this blog solely on the second half of the year, I honestly miss working with Swim Squad and hopefully, I’ll be able to rejoin them once I get things situated in 2017. I miss talking about gaming and I have a lot of gaming to catch up on once I get back.

I honestly hope to get back to them before Rick and Morty starts up again, I just love Rick and Morty. I do love working on here, but I like adding on more than I should and juggling two blogs and work is my forte lol. Seriously though, I’m going to try to balance things out on this blog more. Maybe talk a little more about K-Pop, maybe talk a little more about Western Animation, maybe finally talking about some anime because I like watching those too when I can.

Maybe this is the year I can finally talk to your about a personal project that I’ve been working six months on so far. My main goal is to just give you guys more and if I have to exhaust myself to do so then it might come to that. So my last words to you guys is Thank You. Thank you for sticking by me in 2016, regardless of the challenges and I hope to see you all again in the New Year. My name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.


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