BoJack Horseman: Season 3 Overview

2017-03-28 (19)

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and I still hate this new WordPress editor. Seriously, this thing sucks, I hate that everything’s on the right, they need to revert it back, I’m not really big on change. Anyway, I said I would be posting more and I’m sticking to that promise. While I should be focusing on the upcoming seasons of Red vs. Blue and Archer, I’m going to be focused on something a few months away, BoJack Horseman. I know I already talked about BoJack Horseman as a whole last year, I wanted to look back on season three before season four arrives later this summer. Especially since I just recently finished binging on the show for the fourth time. So lets talk about BoJack Horseman season three, shall we?

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Main Plot:

The main plot for season three was BoJack’s focus on winning an Oscar. But first, he has to get nominated with help from his new publicist Ana Spanakoptia, who was introduced at the end of season two. Her main goal in season three is making sure BoJack wins an Oscar because she’s had more successful stories than failures. The first time I watched season three, I did not like her, but the more times I watched her, the more times I realized that I loved her character. And she’s voiced by Angela Basset and who hates Angela Basset? Besides Ana Spanakoptia, we got other new characters including Judah (Diedrich Bader), Princess Carolyn’s assistant at VIM and Emily (Abbi Jacobson), Todd’s former love interest from high school.

Besides the main plot of BoJack trying to achieve an Oscar, we get sub-plots from the other main characters, such as Princess Carolyn trying to create a successful agency with VIM and ultimately failing before changing course and making VIM a management agency; Mr. Peanutbutter buying a bunch of spaghetti strainers that has no real purpose until the season finale (I promise not to spoil), Diane trying to find her purpose again after the events of season two while she ghostwrite tweets for celebrities, and Todd spends the season building up a business and then sells the business by the end of the season.

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Favorite Episodes:

Not gonna lie, this whole season is amazing, but these episodes are my absolute favorite so here’s my top five episodes of season three:

5). Brrap Brrap Pew Pew (03×06): While I did like this episode and while it’s on my list, it’s at number five for a reason. Part of me felt like this was a filler episode, but it wasn’t filler because it was woven into the plot. And the ending of the episode with Sextina Aquafina actually being pregnant was predictable, but funny. The real reason why I love this episode was for the song:

I am absolutely ready for that BoJack Horseman album, whenever it decides to be released.

4). The BoJack Horseman Show (03×02): I always wondered what BoJack did after Horsin’ Around got cancelled and this episode answers my question in tenfold. I loved all the background stories of not only BoJack, but also the other main characters too. And I’m not a huge Jessica Biel fan, so seeing her make fun of herself is just brilliant. Especially since I’ll only remember her from one show (7th Heaven) and one movie (The Illusionist). So yeah, this episode was good, but I’m still waiting for the episode where Todd and BoJack first met and I hope that’s coming up in season four.

3). BoJack Kills (03×03): This episode was so good, especially since you wouldn’t know who Goober was on Horsin’ Around unless you watched the Christmas special. I liked the mystery of not only the dead whale stripper, but also the mystery of where Cuddlywhiskers disappeared too once The BoJack Horseman Show was cancelled. And speaking of Cuddlywhiskers, when they do find him, he gives the best advice of the season and while it was more geared towards Diane, neither BoJack nor Diane listens to it. And speaking of BoJack and Diane, it was really nice to see them interact like they used too. They won’t interact like that until the season finale. Speaking off, tied at number two…

2). That’s Too Much Man! (03×11) & That Went Well (03×12): Something about me finding it hard to choose between these episodes for the number two spot, but I really loved these episodes and it made the picking really hard. The [spoiler] death of Sarah Lynn hit hard because we knew she was going to die, but I honestly thought it was going to be in season one during Downer Ending, so her death in season three came as a huge shock. Especially since they teased it before it actually happened in that same episode. As for the season finale, can we talk about that ending? Everything’s finally good for everybody else, even BoJack had a moment of happiness before spiraling into complete destruction and slightly considering suicide before seeing a pack of wild horses running alongside the highway. It brought me back to the season two quote that sticks in my head everyday.

1). Fish Out of Water (03×04): Holy shit this is the best episode of the season. An episode only guided by visuals and total of three minutes worth of dialogue, I loved it. It was mostly like a silent movie, but in color. The ending of the episode itself is so devastating, it was even more devastating than Sarah Lynn dying and I’m not joking. The connection between BoJack and the baby seahorse was more inspiring in one episode than. the connection BoJack had with Sarah Lynn throughout the whole series until she died. This episode was love and I love going back and seeing it every time I watch season three.

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Pros & Cons:

As always, I couldn’t have a season review without going over the pros and cons of everything going on, so lets see if season three had any cons (because it definitely had pros):


The pros are this whole season honestly. The art and dialogue has gotten way better, each season is an improvement of the last season and the cliffhangers always make me excited for the new season. Character development is always a plus, but I feel like that this was the season for Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter. Both of them are usually the go-lucky characters of the season and to see them go through their own form of crisis (Mr. Peanutbutter being worried about his brother and Todd’s slow resentment of BoJack) made me love them more. The storyline of BoJack promoting his movie and Anna basically risking her career on BoJack and this Oscar nomination made the real life troubles of Hollywood more appreciative. Especially if you go back and watch the beginning of Brrap Brrap Pew Pew


BoJack is the only animal nominee in this lineup and seeing how awards shows such as the Oscars is always going for the white man nowadays, you can see the connection with BoJack being the only one in the minority.


OK, this show does have cons, but it doesn’t outweigh the pros. As much as I love Princess Carolyn, lets just say that I’m glad she got fired in Best Thing that Ever Happened. She wronged BoJack and she apologizes, but only as an agent and not as a friend. That being said, I still loved the episode, but since this is supposed to be the cons portion, I’m not going to give too much love to her. Also, the Captain Peanutbutter illness could have “dragged out” a lot longer than it did. Seriously, Captain Peanutbutter gets diagnosed in Old Acquaintance, but then gets better two episodes later.

Yes, I understand that they needed to move the plot along, but I wish that this was one of the things that could have stayed around a bit longer. I mean yeah, I’m glad Captain Peanutbutter got better, but I would have liked to hear more of Weird Al. The only other thing I wanted to talk about that I particularly didn’t like was how abandoned the side plot line in Old Acquaintance was. For those of you who don’t know, Vim was really broke by then so in order to save the company, Judah decides to secretly meet with Charley Witherspoon to discuss a merger between Vim wand PC’s old agency, Vigor…sort of like Vigor did with Vanessa Gekko’s old company back in season one. The plot of the merger gets dropped in the next episode and isn’t talked about again for the rest of the season. I’m not calling BoJack Horseman the perfect season, but I really wanted to see this go through. Maybe it’ll become a plot line in season four, but until season four comes out, I’ll continue to be sad about this dropped plot line.


Final Thoughts:

With the new season of BoJack Horseman arriving soon, I am excited to see where things go. I want to see what BoJack does with the horses, if he’s actually cutting himself away from Hollywood like he did in Escape From L.A. or will he return to the life that he practically hates by now. And what about everybody else, are they beginning to cute themselves away from BoJack or will they actually miss him and go find him? And what about the teenage horse who called Princess Carolyn looking for BoJack? Will she get mentioned again when the new season starts or will she have a one time appearance? I don’t have all the answers and I’m pretty sure I have more questions than I’m writing on here, but those will have to wait until the season starts up again. Until then, my name is KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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