Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Stump Day Review (Special)


Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and this is the best way I can keep up with this blog just reviewing when I feel like. Hopefully 2018 will be better. But while we’re still in 2017, I thought it would be nice if I could get at least a few more things out before the year ends. And honestly, I wasn’t planning on doing anything holiday-related. I was going to talk about Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, but I knew that review was going to be late because I haven’t even watched the movie yet. I did get some snippets of it from some reviews on YouTube, but I haven’t full-blown watched the movie myself yet and I really need to get on that because I do want to talk about that before the year’s up.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a huge Star vs. the Forces of Evil fan and even though I didn’t—or rather couldn’t—finish the season two reviews like I had planned (work life got in the way), I’m still a huge fan of the show and as of now it’s the only thing I’m currently up-to-date  on DVR-wise. So when I heard about the Stump Day holiday special, I was a bit iffy about it. Hungry Larry isn’t my favorite episode, but it was still good and I hoped the same for Stump Day, especially since it was followed by an episode featuring Spider with a Top Hat inside Star’s wand. The ending result wasn’t what I expected, but lets talk about it anyway. And just so nobody’s not confused, I’ll be talking about only Stump Day, it’s the only mini-episode I have a problem with. I actually liked Holiday Spellcial. So lets talk about Stump Day, shall we?

Also spoilers are ahead so be careful if you haven’t watched the episode yet.


Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Stump Day Episode Review:

So the episode begins with everybody in Mewni celebrating Stump Day, which is basically Mewni’s version of Christmas. The Johansens/Butterflys at the castle where King River tells the story about the founding of the Stump. Star is really excited about Stump Day, it’s her favorite holiday and as tradition, it’s always best to respect the Stump. If you respect the Stump and respect Stump Day, then your good for another year. Star is happy that Marco is celebrating Stump Day with her and her family, but Marco has a surprise of his own and he plans on showing Star later tonight. So after Star gets ready for bed, Marco calls her downstairs for an emergency. The emergency turns out to be a fake out because Marco throws Star a birthday party. And this isn’t just a regular birthday. Since Star’s turning 15, she gets a Quinceañera.

And as I said, I’ll give you my full thoughts on the party itself in a bit, but we’re just going to keep talking about the episode first.

Star doesn’t like the party because it doesn’t honor Stump Day and she likes to celebrate it the day after. And there’s a bit of a continuity error there because when the series began, it started on her birthday. It might be a Mewni thing there she has two birthdays (one in the winter and one in the fall) or Stump Day just brings one day of winter in Mewni, and I’m going to go with that until proven otherwise.

From there, the party goes downhill. It starts out with Tom saying that they shouldn’t have done the party in the first place because it’s not what Star wanted. Marco says that it was his idea because Tom forgot and calls Tom a bad boyfriend, which leads to their first physical fight between them with Ponyhead instigating because she’s not getting enough attention. Also, Janna and Kelly are also arguing because Janna brings up Kelly’s crush on Marco and Tad joins in on their argument. There’s a lot of yelling going on and Star tries to get them to stop because it’s angering the Stump and Ponyhead says that nobody believes in Stump Day anymore; the holiday is for kids to be good for one night and stay out of their parents hair.

Star ignores Ponyhead and continues on with her mission to please the Stump. She goes as far as opening the windows to let in the cold so it’ll be just like that first Stump night. Marco tries once again to talk some sense into Star, but she is not listening. Things come to a head though when Janna sets the Stump on fire in the fireplace, making the lights go out and the Stump comes to life. The screams wake up River and Moon, who are also captured in the Stump’s roots for being non-believers. Just when everybody holds hands, coming to terms on their death, everything is back to normal. Marco believes that it was the power of love and friendship, but Star rebukes him with reality; Stump day is over and the Stump was definitely going to kill them. And just to be sure the Stump isn’t angered next year, Moon and River decide that they’ll have to throw a bigger Stump Day party. Marco apologizes to Star about throwing her the Quinceañera, but since Stump Day is over, Star now approves to the party and they all dance to mariachi music.


My Thoughts:

So I have some thoughts on this episode. Before I really get into them, I want to once again mention that I am a huge Star vs. the Forces of Evil fan. I love how inventive this show is and how it destroys the Princess trope. But that does not mean it’s going to get a biased treatment because trust me, it will not. So far, this whole season of SVTFOE has been off and yes that’s after the movie. That movie—or should I say animated event—was awesome, but everything after that has been lackluster. But I’m not going to talk about that, I’ll wait until the season actually ends before giving it an overview because for now, I want to focus on this episode. This was a bad episode.

The continuity in this one was just awful and for one of those shows that are kinda strict on continuity, I expected better. Like I stated at first, when Star gets her wand in the series premiere, it’s on her birthday. It could be the day after Stump Day when everything’s back to normal and the snow has melted, but it wouldn’t make much sense because snow wouldn’t really melt in a day. It would take at least two days for that much snow to melt. Speaking of continuity, where are Moon’s black veins?

The main issue I have with this issue involves everything after Marco reveals the party and everything goes downhill. If Tom (her boyfriend) along with Ponyhead and Kelly (her best friends) knew the party was a bad idea, then why did they go along with it? Didn’t they think to say, “Hey, Marco Star might not want her party on this day because it is a holiday.” It’s just like how Marco was in Sophomore Slump, which I will not talk about now because it’s not the time for it, but it follows the same example in a sense.

Lets put it like this; say I have a friend, but my friend’s birthday falls on the 4th of July. My friend loves the 4th so much and what it stands for, she does not want to celebrate her birthday on that day. So if her other best friend, who she met while in another state and has recently moved here, wants to throw her a party on the July 4th, but I know she doesn’t celebrate her birthday on that day, I’m going to pull the other friend aside and say, “Hey, maybe throw the surprise party after or before the 4th because she won’t be happy if you throw her a party on that day.”

You don’t throw somebody under the bus because they made a harmless mistake. And yes, Marco was in the wrong for the bad boyfriend comment, but so was Tom, Ponyhead, and Kelly. They knew how important this holiday is to Star but they didn’t stop him. Especially not Kelly, who I’m really starting to like. People are only blaming Tom and Ponyhead and they have the right to, but Kelly gets some blame too. She only did it because she wanted Star to be mad at Marco so Marco can talk to Kelly about it because Kelly has a crush on Marco. So yeah, she gets some blame in this. And while we’re on the subject of Ponyhead, she’s really starting to get on my nerves this season. Maybe it’s because we’re seeing more of her, but she’s starting to get really annoying and she’s more instigating than normal. Can the writers stop with her? She’s no longer comic relief.


Final Thoughts:

This episode was written like a bad chapter of FanFiction. The characters were off, the animation had issues that needed major correcting, and to be honest season three needed this episode since the season hasn’t been at its finest. The best episode to date as of now is still Monster Bash, but only because it finally brings out the main villain of the season and if you haven’t seen it then it’s not who you think it is. This is filler at its worst and shipper fuel for the Tumblr addicts at it’s best because in the end that’s one of the few–and major–things the fandom cares about. And yes, I know I’m a bit older than the demographic and yes, I do have my SVTFOE ships, but writing comes before shipping. Until next time, my name’s KrisSimsters and Stay Golden.

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